Avid Nexis Edge - Post Production

The new Avid Nexis Edge solution allows members of the same team to access collaborative post-production workflows remotely.

Avid Nexis Edge integrates directly with Media Composer Enterprise, enabling centralised, role-based administration. Using web-based tools, administrators can easily control access to content and editing tools for a personalised experience.

In particular, Nexis Edge allows multiple video editors to work simultaneously on the same video content, sharing metadata and media assets in Avid Nexis from anywhere. Editors can share project and container metadata and, in parallel, media can be automatically converted to lightweight streaming formats, enabling real-time remote editing over standard Internet connections. Of course, editors can also download files remotely to work offline.

In addition, with Nexis Edge, producers can easily browse and review content via a web client, while assistants can speed up editing workflows: finding assets, organising projects, editing clips and creating storyboard sequences. Editors using Adobe Premiere Pro can also access Avid Nexis Edge through an “edit connector”. Avid Nexis Edge capabilities will be included with Media Composer Enterprise subscriptions, although the Avid Nexis Edge web client and Premiere Pro editing connector will be available as a subscription.

David Colantuoni, vice president of product management at Avid, sees Nexis Edge as a key tool for the new global post-production environment. As he said, “with Avid Nexis Edge, post production teams can easily collaborate from anywhere, tapping into the proven Avid workflows that have only been available on premises up until now. And, for the thousands of Avid Nexis systems installed worldwide, adding these powerful, new workflow capabilities is easy – just deploy Avid Nexis Edge software and you are off and running.”

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By • 3 Feb, 2022
• Section: Postpro