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Dalet’s Flex and Galaxy five solutions expand their capabilities by receiving more options in terms of cloud providers and advanced remote editing and archiving options.

Specifically, Dalet’s product ecosystem expands its support with tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Azure and Spectra Logic BlackPearl RioBroker, thus responding to the flexibility required by day-to-day production workflows.

Dalet currently offers more than 300 active integrations across its product range. This enables customers, system integrators and other manufacturers to add new capabilities through open application programming interfaces (APIs), including B2B and B2C REST APIs in Dalet Flex, and software development kits. Dalet’s APIs for Dalet Flex, Dalet Media Cortex, Dalet AmberFin and Dalet Galaxy Five are public.

Dalet FlexMAM - Spectra BlackPearlLatest integrations

Among the most recent additions to Dalet and its solutions are extended Adobe Premiere Pro integrations for Dalet Flex and Dalet Galaxy Five to offer a wider range of editing options, especially remote editing. FlexXTEND, the Dalet Flex panel integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro, now includes the ability to collaborate, store and archive Adobe Premiere Pro projects for centralized management. Flex and Galaxy five have also received integration with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl RioBroker Archive, a tool that will enhance existing workflow orchestration with expanded file management capabilities.

In parallel, Dalet Galaxy xCloud now supports Microsoft Azure to deliver cloud-based radio production workflows. Other recent Dalet moves include Dalet Flex’s alliance with online video platform provider Kinow; Dalet’s AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service application with InSync FrameFormer; and expanded device support for Dalet OnePlay, including Telemetrics Robotics and Avid Maestro.

Dalet Flex - Integration with third partiesRising importance of the cloud

Bea Alonso, Dalet’s chief market officer, believes it is critical to continue to promote the company’s extensive range of APIs: “Dalet has always encouraged our customers and partners to leverage our rich set of APIs to expand their content supply chains while protecting existing investments. Our goal is to help companies grow for sustained success at their own pace, building long-term relationships and real partnerships with our customers.”

Similarly, Alonso reaffirms its commitment to leading cloud solution providers: “The company will continue to explore integrations with providers of complementary solutions, especially cloud infrastructures and services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and most recently, Alibaba Cloud – to strengthen its position as a true multi-cloud support vendor. Dalet Flex was one of the earliest cloud content supply chain solutions, and works seamlessly with these four different cloud infrastructure vendors.”

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By • 3 Jun, 2021
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