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Dalet Pyramid is the new digital-first, cloud-native platform ready to power the Dalet unified news operation.

The Dalet latest solution drives end-to-end digital and linear news production processes, enabling a collaborative Storytelling 360 approach to production and distribution across multiple platforms. As detailed by Raoul Cospen, director of news product strategy at Dalet, Dalet Pyramid brings together planning, content creation, asset and resource management, broadcast and multi-platform distribution, thus creating “a single platform that enables production of fast-breaking, digital and live news, current affairs shows, and more.”

To achieve a completely virtual newsroom approach, Dalet Pyramid is presented as a standalone solution that works with multiple cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services.

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Intuitive user interface

The user experience of Dalet Pyramid is characterized by the depth of its news production, planning, distribution and playout tools. Its browser-based user interface facilitates rapid onboarding of staff and freelancers, reducing training time. Users can contribute, produce and manage the entire news storytelling cycle from anywhere using smartphones, tablets and laptops connected to basic Internet services. The included asset management and orchestration engine facilitates the flow of content from receipt and planning to distribution and archiving.

On the other hand, Dalet Pyramid facilitates collaboration at the news level, powering a Storytelling 360 workflow that allows users to develop different news approaches for digital, social, TV and radio media simultaneously. The AI tool, Dalet Media Cortex, included in the Dalet Pyramid core offering, provides a variety of speech-to-text transcription functions, including translation and subtitle creation, with AI services that automatically index or recommend content to the journalist. Robust APIs and dashboards, such as Dalet Xtend for Adobe Creative Cloud, enable extensive custom integrations, allowing customers to tailor their work processes according to their needs.

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Flexibility: cloud, on-premises or hybrid

Dalet Pyramid offers the “fastest to market” deployment and upgrade process, allowing the onboarding of hundreds of users at any given time. The subscription-based solution can work with a range of cloud providers, including AWS, either on-premises, cloud, or a combination of both. Customers who prefer a SaaS option will benefit from Dalet hosting, deploying and managing the solution, adapting to fluctuating resource requirements without increasing their capital investment.

Cospen details the flexibility and benefits that Dalet Pyramid provides: “The agility of the Dalet Pyramid architecture and inherent benefits of SaaS enable customers to rationalize their productions across the entire operation and dramatically increase user productivity everywhere, reducing the overall TCO of the platform. Combined with its digital-first and Storytelling 360 workflow capabilities, the solution will help transform the business of news production, setting a new bar for operational standards and efficiencies while opening doors to new revenue opportunities thanks to stronger digital and OTT workflows.”

The Dalet Pyramid environment has been developed under the highest levels of IT security with its ISO/SEC 27001:2013 and DPP Security Marks certifications for production and broadcast.

Natural transition and more details

Existing Dalet Galaxy five users can exchange their existing license for a subscription and benefit from Dalet Pyramid packages. New features include integrated remote contribution, multi-platform digital production and distribution, as well as web browser editing, scheduling and resource management. Being fully compatible with Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet Pyramid incorporates deployment flexibility without compromising functionality. In the blog “Dalet Pyramid – a natural evolution for Dalet Galaxy five newsrroms“, Cospen explains the main advantages that Dalet Pyramid brings to customers using Dalet Galaxy five and the steps that will enable a natural transition.

Professionals interested in more details can register via this link to attend a virtual session detailing Dalet Pyramid on November 4. Similarly, users can request a private demonstration to see Dalet Pyramid both virtually and in person at IBC 2021 (suite 1BS21).

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By • 29 Oct, 2021
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