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The new FlexMOBILE mobile app gives Dalet Flex, Dalet’s media logistics platform, greater flexibility.

Dalet Flex, a cloud-native solution used to manage and monetise media libraries, streamline workflows and facilitate supply chain packaging and distribution, receives new remote collaboration capabilities through the FlexMOBILE app, available for Android and iOS. Dalet’s launch aims to extend connectivity to digital content, allowing teams to access their media library at any time and collaborate from anywhere, perform audio and video asset reviews, as well as add and update timecode-based comments. Similarly, users can also download content and share it on social media in a matter of minutes.

Dalet Flex UIThis is not the only new addition to the Dalet Flex ecosystem, as the solution recently received a new web user interface as well as new features for FlexREVIEW, Flex’s asset review and approval tool. These include extended audio waveforms, multi-channel file monitoring and the ability to review and annotate content on both desktop and mobile devices. Finally, Dalet Flex has announced new language support for Dalet FlexMAM in French, Arabic and Japanese.

Mathieu Zarouk, vice president of product management at Dalet, believes that the new FlexMOBILE application will mark a turning point in the company’s solution: “With the introduction of FlexMOBILE, we are bringing the power of Dalet Flex to mobile devices. Teams are now able to search and preview assets on the move, and review, comment on and approve assets prior to distribution, ensuring production and distribution workflows move efficiently forward, regardless of where decision-makers might be.”

Dalet will be at NAB 2023 (Las Vegas, 15-19 April) showcasing FlexMOBILE’s new capabilities in several demo sessions.

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For • 17 Mar, 2023
• Section: media management