Blackmagic - Videohub 12G

The 10×10, 20×20 and 40×40 12G Videohub, which will be unveiled at NAB 2023, expand Blackmagic Design’s range of zero latency video routers.

The new Blackmagic Videohub 12G routers feature advanced 12G SDI connections that support HD signals up to a maximum resolution of 2160p60, making it easy to connect multiple switchers. These routers allow signals to be distributed in any format simultaneously. For example, the 40×40 model is capable of processing 40 different types of formats at the same time. This connectivity offers the ability to process high frequency UHD images via a single BNC cable, which in turn can also be connected to HD equipment.

Each Videohub model includes an automatic re-sync function on all SDI inputs. This process recomputes the received signal to provide “maximum video quality”, which is extremely important as the image deteriorates when transmitted over long distances. According to Blackmagic, resynchronisation provides the opportunity to get a “regenerated signal with improved jitter performance.”

Blackmagic Design’s Videohub 12G also features an integrated control panel for signal distribution and provides an effective solution in racks that don’t have enough space to install additional physical panels. It is similar in design to the Videohub Master Control Pro device, with a rotary knob that simplifies source search, buttons for quick access to connected equipment, and a liquid crystal display that shows device names and corresponding images, allowing you to check each source before making a change.

Blackmagic Videohub remote control

All Blackmagic Videohub can be controlled remotely, which is an interesting tool in large studios where the equipment connected to the router is located in different parts of the building. For this purpose, the company has created the free Videohub Software Control for Mac, Windows and iPad. Its interface includes large buttons that can be assigned to an input or output with an icon for easy visual identification. According to the company, “are great for use on a touchscreen PC”.

Similarly, there are two types of external control panels available. The Videohub Master Control Pro model is similar to the front panel of the devices and includes a rotary knob, liquid crystal display and direct access buttons. The Videohub Smart Control Pro version is generally programmed so that the panel controls one of the matrix outputs, and each button is assigned to an input. In this way, direct cuts can be made instantly by pressing the buttons on the panel.

Grant Petty, Blackmagic’s CEO, says of the brand’s latest release: ” “It really was time to update our all in one compact router Family. (…) All models in the family now have 12G-SDI which means that customers can connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD up to high frame rate 2160p60. Zero latency makes them perfect for live production and broadcast. It will be exciting to hear how customers use these new routers!”

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By • 4 Apr, 2023
• Section: Study, media management