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NAB 2023 will see the global launch of the Tedial smartPackages solution, a set of PBC modules capable of streamlining the processes of different business units: news, content delivery, post-production, archiving, MFI…

This major new release from Tedial enhances the versatility of the cloud-native SmartWork platform. The enhancement is billed as “the M&E industry’s first PBC solution” and is designed to bring broadcasters closer to the cloud and enable a modular approach that leverages existing digital capabilities to create new products and services.

PBCs are reusable software components that provide the key building blocks of a composable enterprise, used to create solutions in many verticals. In the M&E industry, PBCs represent self-contained units that solve a specific problem: localisation, content delivery, post-production, etc. PBCs operate without external dependencies or the need for direct external access to data. For interaction with the rest of the company’s systems and services, each PBC offers a data schema, an API, an event notification system and a set of services.

The modularity of PBCs combined with smartWork’s codeless technology (which allows applications to be created without the need for traditional programming skills) enhances these processes, resulting in a “flexible” design of applications and services that allows organisations to “innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs”.

SmartWork, Tedial’s focus for NAB 2023

The Tedial smartWork solution can be deployed on-premise, in any cloud or in a hybrid architecture for incredible flexibility. Cloud capabilities allow media services to be built, deployed and evolve rapidly as business needs change, adding or adjusting business processes. Tedial has recently completed and obtained the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for smartWork, so that all smartWork services are available as applications, which can be delivered by AWS.

Julián Fernández-Campón, CTO at Tedial, said: “After the successful launch of smartWork in 2022, we are delighted to be back at NAB with an enhanced and expanded version of the platform featuring smartPackages, a set of PBC modules that reflect our roots in IT. This is the first and only solution capable of moving the world of PBCs into M&E with tools that tie directly to the business team’s needs by simplifying the creation and deployment of best-of-breed solutions.”

The launch of smartPackages, along with Tedial’s recent partnership with AWS, its achievement of ISO 9001 and 27001 certification and its plans to offer additional cloud options, are intended to reflect the company’s “ongoing commitment” to provide “the highest quality solutions and support the latest and most advanced protocols and standards”.

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