Sapec - Laguna 4 IO - NAB 2023

NAB 2023 will be the platform from which Sapec will present a number of important innovations, including the arrival of UHD to Laguna, the successor to the Gredos encoder and modulator and improvements to Sivac-One.

Laguna, a multichannel HD/SD platform compatible with HEVC, H.264 and MPEG standards, will debut at NAB 2023 a new UHD decoding functionality, an increasingly popular market demand. Unlockable through a licence, the Quad and Octal models of Sapec’s solution will be able to handle UHD decoding according to the capabilities of each device. Thus, the Quad model (LMP4000) will be able to decode one UHD source or four HD sources, while the Octal option (LMP8000) can manage two UHD sources or eight HD sources. In addition, the Laguna is now ready to handle Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H immersive audio standard.

Similarly, the Spanish manufacturer has improved the Laguna platform with new features such as the display of thumbnails, so that the Dual, Quad and Octal models can display a mosaic of each SDI signal that is processed by the system through a web browser; the ability to perform analysis and monitoring functions through the ETR 290 specification; or the possibility of using the Laguna as gateways, so that if the system receives an SRT signal, for example, it will be possible to forward the same signal simultaneously to the decoding of a SMPTE 2022 network and vice versa.

The Laguna enhancement chapter closes with two new versions designed to enable broadcasters to work with more SDI interfaces. The new Laguna Dual LMP2004 has all the features of the standard Laguna Dual LMP2000 model, with the difference of including four HD-SDI interfaces instead of two. The new Laguna Quad LMP4008 differs from the Laguna Quad LMP4000 in that it has eight interfaces instead of the usual four. This expansion of the SDI interfaces will allow each encoder to have its own ASI output, or to have simultaneous HD and SD outputs, among other advantages.

Sapec launches the Gredos II

Gredos II is a new family of H.264/MPEG2 encoders with integrated modulator supports up to two video channels (SD/HD) and audio channels simultaneously with MPEG2/AAC/AC-3 compression and, optionally, HEVC, both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2:2 profiles. In addition to these capabilities, the system can integrate two types of modulator: Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) with support for the American ATSC or ISDB-TB standard, or a satellite modulator (DVB-S/S2/S2x).

The system, which will be seen for the first time worldwide at NAB 2023, features up to two video inputs (SDI / HD-SDI) or one 3G-SDI input, whose signals can be multiplexed to generate an MPTS with both programmes, and up to 16 channels of embedded mono audio (8 stereo pairs) on each video channel. With the ability to configure each programme as digital TV, digital radio or 1-Seg (ISDB-Tb option only), Gredos II features RF DTT or Satellite outputs, two IP outputs with SMPTE2022 1/2/7 support with optional SRT, and an ASI option. The system is also prepared for logo insertion in each video source; it is manageable through a web browser, from where the thumbnails of each video input can be checked; it integrates a front display, and is capable of SNMP alarm management.

Sapec - Sivac-One - NAB 2023Sivac-One expands its capabilities with SRT

Finally, Sapec’s Sivac-One encoder/decoder with UHD capabilities now supports the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) transport protocol, a solution that optimises real-time streaming by offering a secure and reliable solution for video contribution over unmanaged networks.

The benefits of this protocol, now available with an optional licence, include end-to-end AES 128/256 encryption; protection against bandwidth fluctuations and packet loss; low latency; and an open-source nature.

The Sivac-One Compact, a real-time HEVC/H.265 encoding/decoding solution up to 2160p50/60 4K UHD based on the high-performance SMP1000 card, will be on display in NAB 2023 can discover first-hand the capabilities of the solution that enabled the UHD broadcast of the last World Cup in Qatar on Spanish DTT.

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By • 11 Apr, 2023
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