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Tedial has revealed plans to introduce an ecosystem of smartPacks that will empower users with easy-to-use toolsets that quickly deploy Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), bringing new business services and products to the media and entertainment industry enabling the composable enterprise.

smartPacks, launched at NAB 2023 as a key element of smartWork (Tedial’s cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform) automates business processes by leveraging existing digital capabilities to accommodate the precise requirements of specific applications.

Tedial is now enhancing the platform with these pre-packaged smartPack components that come with a range of services tailored to target a variety of use cases such as News, Post-Production, Sports, Ingest, Delivery, Migration and more. smartWork will be demonstrated with the new smartPack components at IBC 2023, on Stand 10.D45.

smartPacks cover different business areas:

  • smartPack: Migration – Efficiently transfers metadata and media from a legacy MAM or other system to a new MAM.
  • smartPack: Archive – Securely preserves media assets in multiple tiers and locations to ensure quick retrieval and long-term accessibility.
  • smartPack: Delivery to Linear Playout – Streamlines the delivery of media assets for traditional broadcasting, ensuring seamless playout.
  • smartPack: Delivery to OTT – Automates the delivery of content to OTT platforms to ensure an efficient and seamless distribution process.
  • smartPack: Localization – Leverages automated processes to streamline localization services, collaborating efficiently with third-party translators, voice-over artists, and subtitling experts.
  • smartPack: News – Integrates seamlessly with NRCS rundown, enhancing news production efficiency and facilitating timely delivery of breaking news and in-depth stories.
  • smartPack: Post-Production – Integrates efficiently with NLE/PAM, streamlining the transfer of content, including timeline metadata from a MAM for precision post-production.
  • smartPack: IMF – Offers robust support for IMF, ensuring efficient storage, versioning, and distribution of high-quality master assets.
  • smartPack: Social Media – Repurposes media for social media platforms, maximizing viewer engagement and fostering online community growth.
  • smartPack: Sports – Sport production with automatic logging from external metadata sources (OPTA, EVS, etc.)
  • smartPack: AI Enrichment – Provides multiple tools to optimize analysis and filtering functionalities.
  • smartPack: Content Distribution – Enables content delivery through easy-to-use features.

Julián Fernández-Campón, CTO, Tedial explains, “In the M&E industry different organizations have unique needs depending on their specific business focus. smartPacks are designed to accommodate this diversity by offering various key business services such as news, post production, delivery to playout or OTT, sports, localization, etc. ready to use. By providing a modular and customizable approach, smartPacks allow organizations to select and implement the services that best align with their individual requirements ensuring that they can optimize their media operations based on their specific needs. We look forward to demonstrating these new smartPack capabilities, which further enrich smartWork, our award-winning cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform, at IBC on Stand 10.D45.”

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By • 24 Jul, 2023
• Section: Media management