Tedial - Manuel Martínez y José Luis Montero

Two veteran Tedial members, Manuel Martínez and José Luis Montero, are moving to new positions.

Martínez, who was previously regional sales director, will become head of business development at Tedial. He will define, in collaboration with the technology company’s management team, the marketing strategies for “the next generation of services”. He will also assess new business opportunities and implement initiatives to multiply the company’s reach.

Montero, who is responsible for sales in Latin America and the Middle East, will also look after the brand’s customers in Spain and Portugal.

In-house talent

Emilio L. Zapata, CEO of Tedial, sums up Martinez and Montero’s strengths: “Manuel’s comprehensive insight of the challenges the M&E sector faces in this time of unprecedented change, along with his deep knowledge of customers’ expectations will be invaluable when we roll out our groundbreaking platform. And José Luis’s vast proficiency and deep understanding of the industry mixed with his proven track record will be key assets for Tedial customers in Spain and Portugal as they have been for those in LATAM and the Middle East.”

In his first statements as head of business development, Martinez has advanced his objective to “align the different areas of the company involved in the business development of these new generation services, including sales, marketing and partnerships.” Montero also highlighted the value of the Spanish-Portuguese market, stating that he is taking on this challenge “with the same enthusiasm that I have for the Middle East and Latin America areas.”

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For • 1 Jul, 2021
• Section: Business