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Mateo Gimmelli (unosMemiyos), editor for streamers of recognized international prestige such as Ibai Llanos, shows how he artistically and technically creates his videos, whose views number in the millions.

The main challenge when converting a 3 or 4 hour gross in a digestible video for the audience you have Ibai on YouTube is to get summarize the most the video always maintaining the structure: start, knot, outcome. That at no time it becomes heavy, but neither that it be so dynamic that it ends dizzy or is too overwhelming for the viewer.

Also one of the keys to editing for YouTube is that you always have to be thinking about the display time (the time the user is watching your video until they remove it). If you are constantly thinking about whether you are hooking the viewer so that it doesn't go away, this will mean that you will make better videos for YouTube and the platform's algorithm will show your videos to more people.

To achieve this engagement, it is very important post production effects. However, the main thing is to get that cohesive story structure which I was talking about before. Once you have focused all your efforts on achieving it, the effects are very useful to decorate some most boring moment and so upload the display time.

Timeline - Assembly - Ibai Llanos

Technical keys of mounting from Twitch to YouTube

When I want to download a direct from Twitch I download the VOD through an external program called Twitch Leecher. In this way, Ibai doesn't worry about anything. It is a very good program that, in addition, allows direct download in progress, and also sections of a direct: If I'm only interested in half an hour of a three-hour broadcast, I can download just that part: that way I save a lot of time.

With the program I use, I download the videos in a .mp4 1080@60. On Premiere, I use a sequence of 1080@60 and the exported is another .mp4 with the characteristics of the sequence. I also usually help myself with Handbrake to fix problems from time to time with the brutes (fps variables, formats not read by Adobe, reescalar…).

Timeline - Assembly - Ibai Llanos

There are many creators who provide them the brutes to the editors (to have different audio tracks, several cameras, etc.), but we work like this so that Ibai can focus only on make direct and that we can work faster, which is key on youtube.

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