Ross Video at NAB 2019

NAB 2022 is coming: many brands have a number of announcements lined up for the show, but Ross Video stands out in particular for offering a huge amount of new developments.

One of the Canadian firm’s key new products for NAB 2022 is Production Cloud, a highly flexible, end-to-end production solution designed specifically for broadcast-quality live content production, fully powered by the cloud and optimised for AWS. Supporting perpetual licensing and subscription models, and operating natively within a customer-provided cloud ecosystem, Ross Production Cloud enables production teams to collaborate and produce live programmes and events, using the same interfaces they already have experience with.

The Ross solution combines production switching, real-time graphics, ingest, playout, asset management and remote contribution capabilities with innovative land-to-cloud technologies designed by Ross to bring local SDI and NDI live feeds into the cloud ecosystem, and vice versa.

Ross Video Ultrix Carbonite in detailNew versions of Carbonite, Ultrix Acuity and Primestream

Ross Video’s comprehensive range of production switchers becomes more robust and versatile with the introduction of major feature updates to the Carbonite product line. Version 7.0 of Carbonite Ultra and Ultrix Carbonite is spearheaded by UltraScene, a new easy-to-use layering tool that allows complex compositions to be managed as a single source. With UltraScene, up to 8 layers can be used to create visually interesting compositions consisting of keys, chromakeys, DVE boxes and more. UltraScenes can be inserted into the ME and MiniME as background or key sources, just like any other source on the switcher. In addition to UltraScene, version 7.0 includes Production Sequencer functionality, which allows operators to automate simple, repeatable production elements within a live show. In addition, with the release of Ultrix Acuity version 11.0, users will be able to pair any of the Acuity or TouchDrive control panels with their Ultrix Acuity frames.

Ross Video will also be showing Primestream version 9.0 in operation at NAB 2022, which advances its MAM capabilities by marrying signal-based architecture with file-based workflow, all while enabling remote access via a standard web browser.

For example, broadcasters can advance news production by being able to start editing news packages while a live event or breaking news story is happening. One of the main advantages, of course, is the ability to do all or part of this production either at headquarters or remotely via web browser or cloud access.

Ross Graphite PPCProduction systems and video servers

The Graphite all-in-one production system becomes available for cloud-based workflows. Available this summer, Graphite CPC will be deployable as a standalone system using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver uncompromised performance, in the cloud, using familiar tools such as TouchDrive panels and DashBoard control software. Graphite CPC joins the growing list of services available on Ross Production Cloud, which includes media asset management tools, production automation and MOS-based newsroom systems. Like all Graphites, CPC combines the powerful Carbonite and advanced RAVE audio mixer with the XPression Real-Time graphics engine to create a single unified production environment.

In parallel, Ross Video’s video server range receives the Tria Express Duet, a compact, feature-rich production server. In addition to this product defined as “cost-effective” by Ross, the entire video server product line has recently been revamped to offer a complete set of high-impact, high-efficiency production tools. In addition to a host of new features, all Tria production servers, the Kiva+ presentation server and Mira playout systems have been repriced.

Ross VoyagerGraphics, virtual production and LED

Ross Video will debut XPression and XPression Tessera One version 11.0 at NAB 2022, which adds new capabilities to copy existing XPression sequencer elements to a specific shot ID; the use of superscript and subscript for 2D text; Visual Logic blocks for timing processing; right-clicking on a Visual Logic object property block to locate it in the object list; and support for AJA version 16.0 for io4K and the new ioX3 unit support.

On the virtual production side, Ross Video announces major releases for Voyager, its Unreal-based rendering platform, and Lucid Studio, the control centre for virtual productions. Voyager version 4.27 includes several new templates that make it easier to set up a virtual LED environment, as well as a simplified workflow for hybrid environments. In addition, with version 6.3, Lucid Studio unlocks a number of new features that make virtual production management even easier by bridging the gap with third-party control surfaces, thanks to a new web API and improved mobile experience for controlling events from a phone or tablet.

NAB 2022 will also serve to highlight Ross Video’s recent acquisition of D3 LED. The firm’s solutions complement the existing portfolio offered by Ross and enable it to offer an even more comprehensive range of content rendering platforms, including XPression motion graphics, Voyager (based on Epic Games’ Unreal engine) and the D3 IMS playout system.

Ross Video VisionAiRy FtCamera motion systems

The release of Vision[Ai]ry version 1.2 marks a key step in the evolution of the face tracking system. With the addition of links between robotic presets and framing templates, Ross now offers a “hands-free automated camera workflow” when the solution is used in conjunction with Ross OverDrive. By retrieving the appropriate framing template, automatically selecting a subject and activating active framing, users are able to eliminate the need to manually bumping shots during a production, allowing the OverDrive operator to focus their full attention on the myriad of other details related to their production. To make it easier to quickly find the desired template in the list, Vision[Ai]ry 1.2 also adds a template preview function.

Other new features include display enhancements related to presets and links that provide information and feedback to the user, and RossTalk, which allows other RossTalk-enabled devices to send simple commands to the Vision[Ai]ry Ft engine driver. Finally, the new update also adds support for Ross PTZ-12G and PTZ-NDI.

Ross Video - NewtRouting, converters and tallys

The Ultrix 12G/IP hyper-converged connectivity platform offers a compact and powerful combination of routing, multi-window, processing, integrated production switching and control. Recently upgraded to versions 4.6 and 4. 7, it offers enhancements such as Ultriscape-Ca licensing to enable subtitle decoding and display in Ultriscape MultiViewer; support for auxiliary data pass-through in Ultrix-IP and Ultricore-IP; support for tally routing for Ross switchers; support for the mono channel of the Ultrimix-mxr audio mixer; adaptive mode for 2110 systems, which adapts on the fly to signal type changes; Ultricore-Pro user profile access restrictions; and numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes.

On the converter side, Newt, a UHD over IP SDI and HDMI solution, reaches version 4.0, which adapts to IP environments; connects Quad-SDI and HDMI 2.0 interfaces with JT-NM-tested ST2110 media streams; enables control of NMOS open standards; performs PTP and network diagnostics; enables flexible audio and video mapping; and integrates source-specific multicast (SSM), among other new features.

In addition, Ross Tally TSI-4000 system integrates three major enhancements for NAB 2022: Overdrive Floordirector (sic) integration, which allows mapping of information coming from OverDrive directly into the UDMs of its multiviewer; Piero integration, allowing the operator to choose which feed to prepare and record graphics into; and Ember+ protocol support for Lawo Powercore and Calrec virtual fader control.

Softgear and OEM

RosssoftGear platform will receive Verance’s Aspect watermarking integration into the broadcast audio processor at NAB 2022. The Aspect watermark works in both today’s 1.0 and tomorrow’s 3.0 broadcast environments and was selected to be part of the NextGen TV standard as a way to extend and maximise the reach of interactive television services in broadcast television. Without the Aspect watermark, NextGen applications can only reach 20% of over-the-air households. By deploying Aspect within the softGear platform, programmers can enable interactive services across all distribution channels (including ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 over-the-air, cable/satellite and over-the-top services) to reach 100% of smart TV sets.

Finally, OEM professionals will receive two solutions that will facilitate their developments. Bach-openModule512 is Ross’ highest channel capacity audio networking solution. This turnkey module features a fully compliant AES67 and ST2110 transport, along with a rich control layer. BACH- openModule512 will allow them to connect, on the other hand, up to 512 audio channels to meet audio over IP standards. The second release is Bach-Liberty 4.0, a solution to make your product compliant with AES67 and ST2110 standards. Liberty integrates easily into new designs and is plug and play with Brooklyn II-enabled products, allowing you to quickly comply with AES67 and ST2110 standards.

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