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Dalet has detailed the main features of the latest version of its cloud-native media logistics solution Flex, which includes accessibility improvements, support for multiple languages and better management of camera-generated data.

Flex is a Dalet-developed solution aimed at optimising OTT, archive, cross-platform and production workflows at all levels, all with the goal of improving the flow of the content supply chain and better serving the viewer. Among the companies relying on this solution are leading names such as Arsenal, Audi and KCP.

The latest version of Flex, a tool that can be deployed both in the cloud and on the client’s premises, brings significant improvements in terms of accessibility, as the system now integrates everything from colour adjustments to achieve greater contrasts, to labels that identify the interactive elements of the page, as well as the reorganisation of HTML elements and styles. In addition, Dalet Flex now offers extended language support, allowing users to choose different languages within the same organisation.

Finally, Dalet Flex has improved camera data management through deeper integration with Dalet AmberFin. Thanks to this latest development, users of both systems will be able to browse the assets on the card and capture basic information about each file. This ability to manage camera card data will allow users to make content available to their colleagues in a “more efficient and organised” way.

Mathieu Zarouk, product marketing manager at Dalet, believes that all of these enhancements, aimed at making Dalet Flex “easier” for everyone to use, make the solution “the industry’s most robust, cloud-native media management, production and delivery platform on the market”.

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By • 13 Jul, 2022
• Section: Study, media management