Sennheiser at IBC 2022

New solutions such as the EW-DX family of products and improvements to old known ones such as the AMBEO system are the keys to the presence of Sennheiser, Neumann y Dear Reality in IBC 2022.

Sennheiser EW-DX IBC 2022IBC 2022 It is the first major European event in which the next line has been seen EW-DX, which takes the basis of the EW-D family while maintaining features such as the “lowest latency on the market”, equidistant frequency spacing that saves spectrum and an ultra-wide input dynamic range. Apart from these functions, EW-DX (composed of a handheld device, bodypack, transmitters, two half-rack space receivers - with or without Dante - and a four-channel receiver with Dante in 19-inch format) adds new options as two and four channel receivers, new handheld, body-worn and desktop transmitters, and Higher switching bandwidth of 88 MHz, AES 256 encryption o electronic ink screens. This system, which will reach end of 2022 and will receive new equipment in the first half of 2023, will be integrated like other Sennheiser equipment with the software Sennheiser Control Cockpit y Wireless Systems Manager, as well as with the Smart Assist App.

Sennheiser at IBC 2022Apart from these new solutions, Sennheiser's wireless offering is completed with solutions evolution wireless G4 y AVX; microphone series Digital 6000, which includes the software Wireless Systems Manager; the digital/analog camera receiver EC 6042, and several clip-on and headset microphone options. The Evolution wireless IEMs They are shown alongside the IE PRO in-ear series and various headphones, including the HD 400 PRO, and broadcast headphones.

Sennheiser MKH 416 IBC 2022AMBEO and wired systems

Another key to the Sennheiser stand that is capturing the attention of all attendees is AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio, a renderer that offers an incredibly immersive audio experience with standard stereo speakers and can be used as a replacement for stereo, since it does not require more bandwidth. In an active setup, booth visitors will be able to compare the AMBEO experience to a standard stereo mix.

In parallel, Sennheiser is showcasing a selection of microphones that have been designed to enhance storytelling, such as the on-camera shotgun microphone WIFE 400, the XS Lav clip-on microphones for PC and mobile use, as well as various Mobile Kits. These combine your chosen microphone with a smartphone clip and mini tripod and are available as wireless or wired kits. Other exposed shotgun microphones are the MKH 416, MKH 8060, MKH 8070 and el MKE 600, which is very popular among content creators and podcasters.

Sennheiser Neumann KH 150 IBC 2022Neumann at IBC 2022

Neumann.Berlin, part of the Sennheiser group, also has a large representation at the German company's stand at IBC 2022.

Visitors can discover a selection of studio and broadcast microphones, with the reissue of the legendary tube microphone M 49 50's binaural head KU 100, the Serie BCM and the TLM 102 on active display. They will also be able to experience their system of miniature clip-on microphones for up-close pickup of acoustic instruments. A wide range of mounting options ensures that the capsule KK 14 can be reliably mounted on any instrument.

As for monitoring, visitors have studio headphones at their disposal. NDH 20 (including the new black edition) and the new NDH 30 open backing. In Neumann's range of studio monitors, the new KH 150 with option AES67, which predestines this monitor for broadcasters' AES67 workflows.

Furthermore, with the MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment, Neumann shows off an integrated hardware and software tool for acoustic calibration and room correction for your studio monitors. The calibration algorithms have been developed jointly with the Fraunhofer IIS.

Sennheiser Dear Reality IBC 2022Immersive audio with Dear Reality

With a Neumann monitor configuration based on AES67 5.1.4 with the new KH 150 and two DSP subwoofers KH 750, the live demo section of the booth features virtual mixing sessions by immersive audio expert Dear Reality. Visitors can follow an intuitive immersive mixing process using Dear Reality's dearVR Spatial Connect VR controller and dearVR PRO spatializer.

Among the monitoring solutions presented by Dear Reality are the plugins AAX/VST3/AU dearVR MIX y dearVR Monitor, which turn any professional studio headphones into ideal mixing environments that put the user in the sweet spot of carefully designed stereo and immersive mixing rooms. While dearVR MIX is a stereo mixing room plugin, dearVR Monitor takes the concept to an immersive mixing room, offering 26 multichannel speaker formats such as 7.1.4 or 9.1.6, plus additional carefully developed mixing environments for immersive audio productions.

Both plugins feature technology that adapts 50 of the most used professional studio headphones to the virtual mixing room, allowing stable simulation of a perfect acoustic environment with the highest degree of off-head localization

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