Blackmagic Design - Cintel G3 HDR+

Blackmagic Design has released its new Cintel G3 HDR+ scanner, which redesigns its dynamic source to be capable of capturing UHD images with high dynamic range in real time.

The new Cintel G3 HDR+ retains the features of the previous version, such as digital servos, gentle capstan drives, advanced color science, 35mm and 16mm film support and an elegant architectural design that can even be wall mounted.

Blackmagic Design - Cintel G3 HDR+The new light source offered by this model is 6 times more intense. It has 576 LEDs arranged in a matrix that are focused on the tape by means of an innovative light cylinder. This design provides a surface area twice as large as the silicon area for generating light and, as a result, the film receives much more luminosity. In each flash, tens of kilowatts of energy facilitate the digitization of the film frames. At the same time, the scanning speed in HDR mode is now 3 times faster: 30 f/s in UHD. The new model also includes improved colorimetry and up to 3.5 additional steps of dynamic range.

The new inspection mode, accessible via a button, allows the condition of the original film to be checked for scratches and dirt. The light source is adjusted to focus the light in one direction only, making it possible to see dust and scratches instantly. In turn, the device’s software facilitates the control of the light source to check the quality of the film before digitizing it.

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By • 24 Nov, 2022
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