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The latest version of designer, the disguise real-time graphics editing and control software, comes with an open API that will allow developers to customise everything from camera calibration to colour control.

According to disguise, the new designer API will take the platform’s accessibility to the “next level”. According to the company, users will be able to take advantage of this API to discover new integrations tailored to their specific requirements and create new custom solutions that add value to their projects. Raed Al Tikriti, product manager at disguise, said: “For over 20 years, creatives have used our Designer software to preview what 2D and 3D content will look like on stage, simulate LED projections, synchronize content to timecodes and more. With our new APIs, we’ve now taken our platform one step further, making it easy to create customized workflows for non-specialist users. It removes technical barriers and allows the creation of specific tools required for a particular task, bringing more efficiency and greater control to the workflow.”

All disguise APIs are scalable solutions designed using the widely adopted HTTP and JSON approach with OpenAPI documentation, making them easy to adopt for your workflow. Developers, partners and integrators can access them on disguise’s newly launched Disguise Developer portal, created to give users the ability to create new capabilities with disguise in new and imaginative ways.

Among the possibilities that using this API will bring, disguise lists use cases such as customised management of different projects; the ability to calibrate the camera from “any device, anywhere”; direct control of disguise servers; the ability to monitor the status of devices that are part of the disguise ecosystem; or the ability to control colour with specialised colour applications, including Pomfort’s Livegrade Studio tool.

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For • 26 Jan, 2023
• Section: AR / VR / XR