LED display manufacturer INFiLED will attend IBC for the first time from September 9-12 in Amsterdam to showcase its new flat and curved virtual studio solution for extended reality and virtual production that enhances the creative experience for industry professionals, allowing customization to create all kinds of scenarios.

xR and VP are revolutionizing the filmmaking and broadcasting industry and are going to change the way we create content and tell stories. INFiLED’s modular system of LED displays, together with the combination of software / hardware solutions, offers tools that enhance the creativity of film, commercials and broadcast professionals.

The benefits of using the INFiLED Virtual Studio Solution are focused on providing better tools to build immersive and realistic virtual environments. Having accurate visual products is necessary to display and playback on set to create an environment that helps tell excellent stories and to achieve high-end productions.

INFiLED Virtual StudioAt the broadcasting event of the year, INFiLED will present its Virtual Studio Solution, with Virtual Ceilings, Backgrounds and Floors for the customisation of all kinds of sets and stages.

INFiLED’s latest addition to the Virtual Studio Solution is its new flat and curved LED Virtual Background, offering a seamless curve due to its curved modules, which is critical for on-camera visuals.

INFiLED ’s new curved LED Virtual Background using panels to create a smooth stepless curve. Traditional virtual productions use flat panels to build studio backgrounds, which are interconnected under an angle to create a curve. The lines and shadow that these panels create can be visible on camera. The new curved LED Virtual Background improves viewer experience and shortens post-production time that entails an extra cost in filming and broadcast solutions. The new solution being showcased at IBC has a pixel pitch of 2.6mm and combine Flat Virtual Background DB series and Curved Virtual Background XII series.

Moreover, INFiLED will be showcasing its flagship indoor WP series with a pixel pitch of 1.25mm. The high refresh rate, low latency, excellent colour depth and great grayscale make the WP Series an ideal solution for broadcast and film studios.

INFiLED Virtual Studio

Modular System

INFiLED’s LED Display Modular System for xR & VP offers a new way of designing stages and film studios, enabling creative freedom. Virtual Studio Solution An unrivalled solution that INFiLED will be presenting this year, is its Virtual Studio Solution, a LED modular system of displays for xR and VP that consists of INFiLED Flat and Curved Virtual Backgrounds – DB Pro S82.6 and XII2.6 and Virtual Floor – DFII3.9, offering customers the opportunity to experience a real-time demonstration of advanced filmmaking and broadcast possibilities.

The screen of 6x3m, using Brompton’s Tessera SX40 + XD controller is an ideal choice because of its 1/8 scan rate, high frame rate, ultra- low latency, which ensure high contrast, vivid colours and a cinematic look. The Virtual Floor – DFII series is the newest generation of high quality, interactive LED dance floors and is designed to carry weight of up to 2500kg/m2. The XR stage at IBC is powered by disguise. Combined, the products create a seamless, and immersive environment, to replace traditional green screens and to help reduce shooting time by 50%.

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By • 1 Sep, 2022
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