INFiLED - Infinite Colors - IBC 2023

“A new and exciting technology that enables creative freedom”: this is how INFiLED defines Infinite Colors, a new solution that will be presented at IBC 2023 (September 15-18).

The INFiLED new Infinite Colors technology proposes the inclusion of a fourth LED emitter, which accompanies the traditional red, green and blue sources in order to increase the color spectrum seen from professional cameras. In this way, this solution “enhances” a wide variety of applications in virtual production studios or traditional broadcast environments by allowing “full” variations in hue, saturation or color appearance in white light.

INFiLED Virtual StudioAccording to INFiLED, this new technology is a significant advance in color and texture reproduction, ultimately leading to a higher Chromatic Rendering Index (CRI); by going “beyond” traditional display solutions, it provides a more accurate representation of colors and textures, resulting in a “visually stunning and natural appearance of human facial tones.”

IBC 2023 attendees will be able to discover how the Infinite Colors technology integrated into the new INFiLED Studio AR series, which will be presented during the course of the show, works. According to the firm, this implementation will serve “as a stepping-stone” towards the development of a full range of high-performance extended color spectrum and light solutions tailored specifically for virtual productions.

At its booth at the Amsterdam show, INFiLED will also showcase its flagship WP 1.2, as well as one of its latest innovations, M2 technology, which has been integrated into the Studio DB and Studio Xmk2 series and allows for “greatly enhance background performance through superior color accuracy.”

Marco Bruines, CEO of INFiLED EMEA, is excited about the launch of Infinite Colors technology at IBC 2023: “I firmly believe that launching new products is the key to delivering unforgettable experiences to our valued customers. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly explore groundbreaking technologies. We aim to empower our customers to create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.”

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By • 22 Aug, 2023
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Study, Screens