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Burano joins the Sony CineAlta family not to replace the Venice, but to offer a versatile alternative for single-camera operators and small crews.

The new Burano by Sony features a sensor that matches the color science of the Venice 2 and has been specially designed for single-camera operators and small crews. Combining professional cinematic features with a commitment to mobility, the camera is billed as the “world’s first PL-mount digital cinema camera” to incorporate in-body image stabilization. In addition, its compact housing includes “for the first time” a thinner variable neutral density electronic filter structure than before, together with an optical image stabilization mechanism.

Sebastian Leske, Business Development Manager Film at Sony Europe, describes the new camera as follows: “Burano is the perfect camera for scripted and non-scripted projects, whether for commercial, nature or documentary productions, and allows you to create content with an authentic cinematic look, even when working with small crews. This camera once again pushes the boundaries of digital cinematography and is a wonderful addition to our existing family of digital cinema cameras.”

Sony - Burano - Camera - Camera

Burano: 8.6K full frame sensor, up to 120 fps…

Maintaining the color science of the Venice cameras, Burano incorporates an 8.6K Full Frame sensor that shares most of the specifications of the Venice 2, allowing it to work alongside that camera in all types of productions. The sensor features dual basic ISOs of 800 and 3200, and 16 steps of latitude; it will have the ability to shoot at Super 35 Full Frame, and inherits the decompression function for anamorphic lenses with up to 8K at 30 frames per second, 6K at 60 frames per second or 4K at 120 frames per second.

The Burano camera can record from HD to 8K depending on resolution, aspect ratio and codec. The Sony development supports several internal recording formats, such as the new XAVC H for 8K, which uses the highly compressible MPEG-H HEVC/H.265 codec. Other supported recording formats include XAVC and X-OCN LT. X-OCN is the Sony original compressed RAW format that can capture recorded information with 16-bit linear data, giving filmmakers more freedom in post-production for color grading. X-OCN LT can reduce file transfer time and storage size burden, increasing the efficiency of post-production workflows compared to standard versions of RAW data.

Burano packs all these features into a compact, lightweight body for high mobility, approximately 32 mm shorter and 1.4 kg lighter than the Venice 2 camera. Similarly, the system is housed in a rugged magnesium chassis, making it possible to shoot in challenging environments. The system is also accompanied by a commitment to sustainability, as the case and camera and accessory bags are made primarily from plant-based cellulose rather than plastic, as part of the Sony efforts to be environmentally friendly. In addition, a molded cellulose cushion is used as a cushioning material in the camera, so no expanded polystyrene is used.

Sony - Burano - Camera - CameraOptical stabilization, PL mount and E…

Burano is introduced as the “world’s first PL-mount digital cinema camera” with in-body image stabilization support. With a newly developed image stabilization mechanism and control algorithm that leverages the advanced image stabilization technology employed in the Alpha series of interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras, it makes it possible to correct unwanted camera shake, such as shaking when shooting handheld or walking, while shooting with an E-mount or PL-mount lens.

In addition, more than 70 E-mount lenses can take advantage of the image stabilization function developed with Alpha, as well as fast hybrid autofocus, which combines the advantages of phase and contrast detection methods. In addition, they are also compatible with high-precision subject recognition autofocus using AI. The use of an E-mount lens further reduces the weight and size of the camera.

Burano also includes design improvements based on feedback from the filmmaking community. For example, all menu buttons are located on the operator side of the camera. In addition, Tally lamps have been placed in three locations so that surrounding personnel can more easily check the status of the recording. The 3.5-inch multifunction LCD monitor can be used as a viewfinder for touch focus or menu control. The Burano camera also comes equipped with an optional sturdy T-grip, a viewfinder arm, two 3-pin XLR audio inputs and a headphone terminal (mini stereo jack), handy for solo work.

Sony - Burano - Camera - CameraProduction versatility

Burano supports several log recording modes, including S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut.Cine, which are color spaces that cover a wider color gamut than BT.2020 and DCI-P3. Similarly, it includes four new cinematic looks: warm, cool, retro, and teal and orange, as well as supporting the industry-standard s709 and 709 (800%) LUTs. In addition, like the Venice series, Burano can be used for virtual production with large LED monitors, such as the Crystal LED Verona technology by Sony.

Burano is also equipped with two CFexpress type B memory card slots and is VPG400 compatible, which supports high bit-rate writing of video data, including X-OCN LT 8K. Sony will also release new compatible B-type CFexpress memory cards, CEB-G1920T (1920 GB)/CEB-G960T (960 GB), in spring 2024.

The Burano camera, the B-type CFexpress memory cards CEB-G1920T (1920 GB)/CEB-G960T (960 GB) and the new GP-VR100 remote control with handle will be available in spring 2024. However, the camera can be unveiled during IBC 2023 (September 15 – 18) at the Sony booth.

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