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Audinate has launched Dante Studio 2.0, a suite of software solutions that includes Dante RX, Dante TX and Dante Video Viewer.

Dante Studio is part of the Dante AV family of AV-over-IP solutions and shares the familiar and reliable Dante control and management platform. Key new features of Dante Studio 2.0 include Dante AV-H (H.264/AVC codec) support in Dante Video RX and Dante Video Viewer; the ability for Dante Video TX to support streaming to Dante AV Ultra devices; support for Dante Domain Manager; Dante AV-H support in Dante Video RX and Dante Video Viewer; and the ability to purchase Dante Studio on a monthly subscription basis.

With this 2.0 release, using Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal directly from Dante AV Ultra or Dante AV-H transmitters, cameras or other computers running Dante Studio on their network. Dante Video RX supports video streams such as a webcam or video feed to applications that support the DirectShow interface.

Another major new feature of the latest update to Dante Studio is support for sending video streams from Dante Video TX to Dante AV Ultra devices. Dante Video TX allows users to capture a screen connected to the PC and stream the captured video over the Dante network. Users can then send this video stream to Dante AV Ultra receivers or to another instance of Dante Studio using Dante Video RX to deliver the video to applications or Video Viewer to view the video in a standalone application.

Finally, another major focus of Dante Studio 2.0 is support for Dante Domain Manager, a tool with which all audio and video endpoints can be protected with user access control, actively monitored and accessed remotely to simplify system maintenance and support.

Dante Studio is available as a 7-day free trial or as a monthly subscription, which, in Audinate’s words, ensures that the software is always up to date.

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By • 2 Mar, 2023
• Section: Study, Media management, IP