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Audinate joins the industry trend of developing solutions in which scalability and versatility play a predominant role by deciding to offer Dante Domain Manager through a subscription model.

Dante Domain Manager, the network management solution, is now available in three editions: Silver, Gold and Platinum. With this move, Audinate aims to make its system adaptable to the needs and budgets of each user, “while maintaining the agility, scalability and security needed to create a trusted audio network”.

Dante Domain Manager Silver Edition supports 20 Dante devices in 2 Dante Domains, and is presented as a solution for small installations such as places of worship, recording studios and broadcast facilities. Dante Domain Manager Gold Edition, on the other hand, supports 100 Dante devices in 10 Dante Domains. This “mid-size” pack is aimed at educational institutions, small businesses and large houses of worship looking to implement a comprehensive AV management strategy. Finally, Dante Domain Manager Platinum Edition supports 250 Dante devices in 50 Dante Domains, and seeks to adapt to the casuistry of universities, stadiums, public spaces and large corporate venues. In parallel, Audinate will offer customised packages to suit a number of specific Dante domains and devices.

Joshua Rush, marketing director at Audinate, highlights the benefits of this new business model: “Dante Domain Manager has become a critical solution in the AV industry, allowing for user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks. In addition to lowering the up-front costs of acquisition, the subscription model allows buyers to treat Dante Domain Manager as an operating expense rather than a capital expense ensuring it is even more accessible.”

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By • 9 Jan, 2023
• Section: Audio, Media management, IP