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Riedel Bolero has allowed the Supercars team Erebus Motorsport add new milestones in your career by ensuring duplex interaction between engineers, pilots and team leaders.

Given the difficulty of having radio solutions adapted to the highly demanding contexts faced by Supercars in the race, the team Erebus Motorsport contacted the communication equipment supplier D2N to improve this vital phase in career development. After studying the market and realizing that they needed a high-end solution to continue ensuring their good racing results, Erebus Motorsport opted for 15 teams. Riedel Bolero, three charging surfaces, a network stream adapter (NSA), two Bolero antennas and headphones Riedel Max, custom-made for Erebus with custom ports.

Riedel Bolero - Erebus Motorsport - D2NThe system supplied by D2N is already in funcionamiento and allows engineers, team manager, crew chief and drivers to communicate with each other individually or in specific groups. Key to this workflow is the use of the NSA, which allows radio transmissions from the car to be transferred to the Bolero system so that all team members can hear them and vice versa. And, although the race engineers continue to communicate directly with the car through a radio frequency radio, these broadcasts are fed into the Bolero network via a Riedel NSA, so the pit crew, car driver and team manager can listen to these broadcasts in their backpacks.

Tom Moore, racing engineer at Erebus Motorsport, highly values ​​both the performance of Riedel's solutions and the support of 2DN to make this setup a reality: “Although the equipment solutions provided by D2N are perfectly fit for purpose, without their support packages we would not be able to use the equipment to its full potential. D2N is available to help us expand our solution whenever we need it and to help us implement that solution, whether visiting the team workshop before events or for a last-minute installation at the circuit.”

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By • 2 Nov, 2023
• Section: Audio