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The broadcast of the Goyas 2024 has opted for the usual audiovisual display of RTVE, materialized in the form of 10 mobile units, the increase in cameras to 19 units, dozens of technical personnel deployed on site and all from a stage built from scratch at the Valladolid Fair.

Juan Carlos Carrasco, veteran RTVE director in charge of multiple recorded and live formats of the house, including all editions of Masterchef, has been responsible for acting as director of the 2024 Goya gala. Carrasco succeeds Jordi Vives, common in recent galas, taking on the important challenge of producing this spectacle of more than three hours with a infrastructure built within one of the pavilions of the Valladolid pavilion.

“The stage this year has been a small challenge, because as there is no theater with enough capacity for the almost 2,500 people that were needed, it has been necessary build it: both the stage and the audience”, explains Carrasco, adding that this has meant conditions such as “a very low ceiling” which, despite everything, has not prevented the design from “turning out very well.”

One more year, the LED screens Large formats play a fundamental role in RTVE production, solving space limitations and helping to improve the pace of broadcasting. Beyond visual resources on stage to underpin the spectacular nature of the gala, the key resource has been the intermediate LED surface: “The entire awards gala has been designed with the screen closed. While it is like this, the backlines of all the musical numbers. Once ready, these doors have been opened, expanding the capacity of the stage for these important moments of the gala.”

A production with 19 cameras

Limitations or opportunities, depends on the filter through which the issue is observed. The setting up of the stage has made it possible to carefully study the position of the 19 cameras arranged to capture every detail of the awards ceremony, two more that in the 2023 edition held in Sevilla: “The design does not differ from previous stands, but it is true that some of the equipment we have included is a little more powerful and improves the staging.”

Specifically, the RTVE team under the direction of Carrasco has installed nine pedestal cameras, three RF cameras, a steadycam, a 15-meter hot head with a Blackmagic Studio Camera, a Spydercam Ross Video rented to System Grip, a tower cam on track, two PTZ Panasonic AW-UE160 located on rails on the stage and a final PTZ on tripod Fixed at the back of the stage.

Goyas 2024 - Realization - RTVE - Mobile units

The UM F-01, key mobile unit of the gala

As has been common in recent years, the mobile unit UM F 01 has assumed the principal operating muscle of the production of the Goya 2024 gala. Carrasco and his team have relied on equipment such as the Kahuna Maverik mixer from Grass Valley, multiple servers EVS, the MediorNet system of Riedel to carry out the transport of video, audio, data and intercom signals (managed with Bolero) or the mc² 96 sound table Theirs.

Goyas 2024 - Realization - RTVE - Mobile unitsA second mobile unit has been responsible for produce extensive coverage of the red carpet with Elena S. Sánchez and Carlos del Amor interviewing nominees and award givers, and with Miriam Moreno and Rafa Muñoz commenting on the outfits. The broadcast has had an additional signal broadcast aimed at a young audience in RTVE Play, with Inés Hernand talking with the protagonists of the night.

Gestmusic (Banijay Iberia) has repeated as the producer in charge of the gala, under the direction of Tinet Rubira y Ángel custodian, executive produced by Rafael Portela, Valérie Delpierre y Carlo D'Ursi.

Access to the Special Goyas 2024 in Panorama

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By • 11 Feb, 2024
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