Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync

The new Blackmagic Cloud based live file sync tool, Cloud Live Sync, allows you to send files to a folder in DaVinci Resolve while the camera is shooting them, speeding up editing processes and making content available for broadcast as quickly as possible.

Blacmagic Cloud Live Sync leverages the ability of Blackmagic Design’s latest cameras, such as the Cinema Camera 6K, PYXIS, URSA Cine and URSA Broadcast G2 models, to record Full HD proxy files in H.264 format. Thanks to this format and Blackmagic’s cloud developments, users can synchronize images and automatically save them to all DaVinci Resolve workstations that are connected to the same project in the cloud.

From the camera perspective, the user will need to log into Blackmagic Cloud and select a DaVinci Resolve project before starting to shoot to initiate sync across connected computers. This allows editors and colorists to start working on the footage instantly. In addition, if multiple units are recording at the same time, thanks to the new multi-sync tool, all clips will be displayed in a multi view window, and editors can select the most appropriate angle.

Blackmagic finds this process “similar” to streaming live images to an editing program. When you start playback, it will never stop as long as you continue to sync files in the viewfinder, just in front of the playhead. The playback indicator will scroll backward as each clip segment is loaded, and its duration will continue to increase. Also, the clip icon in the tray will show a red recording indicator, which means that the remote camera is still filming.

This means that when a camera starts shooting a scene, you can start editing and color grading from one computer running DaVinci Resolve at a time, and these adjustments can then be viewed on set from another computer with DaVinci Resolve installed as soon as you stop shooting. This eliminates the need for complex color grading systems on set, as post production can take care of this using a large DaVinci Resolve panel and accurately monitor the color adjustments. DaVinci Resolve can also be used in the production studio to play back the color corrected shots once they are finished. This means that both recording and post production can be done simultaneously.

Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync in a news context

In the case of news production, a camera, for example the URSA Broadcast G2 model, can start recording and synchronize the material with the editing system instantly when a historic event occurs. The editor will not have to wait for the recording to stop, as he can start editing the news segment as soon as it starts rolling, and the material will be ready to go on air in an instant.

If the user wants to broadcast live while recording, all he needs to do is go back a few seconds in the DaVinci Resolve viewer and press the playback button. The images will play back as they come in, similar to a live broadcast. In this case, DaVinci Resolve acts as a decoder and player.

Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, sees the brand’s latest development as a “workflow revolution”. In his own words, “It’s just like live streaming into the DaVinci Resolve bin, even when dozens of DaVinci Resolve systems are collaborating via the same Blackmagic Cloud project. This is very exciting and it looks amazing when you see it working live!”

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By • 10 Jun, 2024
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