Aviwest Rack400

The RACK family of encoders by Aviwest grows with the RACK400 model, which supports UHD and multi-camera workflows from up to four HD sources.

Available in a compact half-rack unit format, RACK400 supports both the latest generation of H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC compression standards. The system, capable of handling 4Kp60 combined with eight channels of audio for high-end productions, has been designed with applications in sports, entertainment, concerts, political events and interactive television productions in mind.

Features of Aviwest’s latest bet include frame-accurate synchronization and video streaming between multiple cameras to ensure seamless, seamless camera switching in the studio, as well as high-definition video return (up to 1080p50/60) from the studio to the venue for confidence monitoring or teleprompting. In addition, the RACK400 supports full duplex intercom to optimize communication between field crews and studio operators, including a data bridge for remote camera control.

Aviwest Rack400 Flujo de trabajo

Connection over “any network”

The RACK400 provides “robust and error-free” transmission over any network (i.e., cellular, satellite, IP line or public Internet), ensuring low end-to-end latency of up to 0.5 seconds thanks to Aviwest’s Safe Streams Transport (SST) technology.

Samuel Fleischhacker, Aviwest’s product manager, sees the RACK400 as a game-changer in the broadcast industry, as it accelerates “live remote production and offers the potential for greater productivity and huge savings in operational and capital expenses.” “For on-the-go production, broadcasters need equipment that is easy to deploy. The RACK400 is small, light, robust and offers exceptional video quality,” Fleischhacker stresses.

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Per • 17 Sep, 2021
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