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A leading international investment services provider has decided to entrust ATG 丹蒙 to integrate its new multi-camera IP studio.

Located in Frankfurt Rhein-Main, the new facility will be used for internal and external communication functions; podcasting sessions, and for recording and broadcasting finance-related interviews and presentations for TV channels around the world.

The studio is supported by a production facility located in London that was designed, integrated and commissioned by ATG 丹蒙 itself in the second quarter of 2020. Through a remote contribution model based on NDI 知识产权, production staff will be able to produce all types of content in UHD. As basic production engines, the Frankfurt studio will be supported by a 罗斯视频 Ultrix router and a Ross Carbonite Ultra mixer. The audio infrastructure includes a Dante audio-over-IP network and RTS Odin digital intercom.

Remote production with NDI

The investment service provider’s production model is based on two-way IP connectivity between the two studios supported by a NewTek NDI bridge. This system is used to send pan/tilt/zoom/focus camera control data as well as tally signals to the remote cameras and bring the video back to the production gallery.

ATG 丹蒙, beyond creating the entire workflow, provided technical support to broadcast a five-hour conference, which served to test the system. This event involved a production team of more than 20 people, as well as presenters, guests and external contributions. The result, as 乔纳森·休斯, head of systems integration at ATG Danmon, underlines, was a success: “All went well. The project is now complete and fully operational.”


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