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Both companies close an exclusive strategic alliance to exploit a new convergent platform of broadband and television of Spain. Households with access to the fiber optic will have total control over your television in a new audiovisual environment.

The cable operator Ono and TiVo, creator of television services for digital video (DVRs) recording, have announced the signing of a strategic agreement to deploy "new generation television" in Spain. Thanks to the network of fiber-optic Ono and TiVo television user experience, guests can enjoy in their homes for a new TV platform, fully convergent between Internet content and traditional television.

The Alliance puts Ono as the exclusive distributor in Spain of the advanced television services of TiVo. In the same way, TiVo becomes the supplier of exclusive software for all recipients of new generation made by Ono, including DVRS, as well as traditional receivers "not-DVR" and combining content from DTT and Internet.

Rosalía Portela, CEO of ONO, has highlighted that "work with a strategic partner for the likes of TiVo, pioneer and innovator in the development of a convergent recording system and the implementation of a new model of television in other countries, allows us to take a leap and throw the television of new generation in the Spanish market." Our network of fiber-optic coupled with ability of TiVo, puts us at the forefront of advanced new generation services for Internet and television".

New services

Ono customers may from now on your TiVo terminal with television, video and Internet video service. This will be possible thanks to the software platform of TiVo, which offers an experience of universal search in the infinite world of content that offers this type of hybrid platform. The product will include the familiar TiVo user interface and will provide great benefits to users of TiVo in the United States know and enjoy, such as SeasonPass recordings and WishList searches.

Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVo, added that "we are very proud that Ono has chosen us as a strategic partner for its new-generation video experience and we believe that together we can provide more compelling video of the Spanish market product. Following with our recent announcement with Virgin Media in the United Kingdom, this agreement demonstrates the growing proliferation of TiVo as the ultimate solution for television providers which seek to differentiate their service through better user experience and a world of content that integrates television and band broadband, which goes beyond the boundaries of traditional pay TV".

Ono and Tivo will work also with other providers of technology such as Nagravision and Cisco in the implementation and subsequent launch of this platform for television's new generation.

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By • 1 Jul, 2010
• Section: Hybrid IPTV/Tv, Business, PA featured (detached)