LiveU IP Pipe allows easy remote control of PTZ cameras, CCU, intercom system and other IP-based equipment.

LiveU IP Pipe

with LiveU IP Pipe it is now possible to take the full control of an IP-based computer directly through LiveU units. This proposal allows easy remote control of PTZ cameras, CCU, intercom system and other equipment passed in IP.

It also offers the possibility to control PTZ cameras or other IP devices from LiveU backpacks located thousands of kilometers away. In addition, it allows you to seamlessly link a network located near the LiveU server (LU4000/LU2000) to any network located near the LiveU drives (LU800/610/600/300).

LiveU IP PipeThe solution Remote Home Production (REMI) LiveU is currently being used by broadcasters, producers or sports clubs to send multiple high-resolution, field-synchronized video signals to centralized production studios, leveraging LiveU's Precision Timing feature. By adding remote management and control capabilities, LiveU LiveU IP Pipe further increases operational efficiency and cost savings.

LiveU IP Pipe facilitates innovators use cases, giving production teams added value beyond the standard control of IP equipment. Live productions can be enriched by sharing live information from a personalized app on the ground. For example, obtaining telemetry data from the field is used for car racing coverage, where live streams are combined with real-time racing data to enrich the viewing experience.

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by • 3 Mar, 2021
• Section: emission, IP