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Sapec has completed the supply and distribution of a total of 316 IRDs among the RTVE’s America Platform clients.

This platform is broadcasted by satellite from Madrid and includes a total of 5 television programs: TVE International SD and HD, 24horas channel, Star HD, and Clan HD.

The equipment model supplied is the GREDOS GUR5002 by Sapec, which will manage the reception of HD/SD satellite signals (DVB-S / S2x) transmitted with encryption from RTVE Spain. Additionally, the GUR5002 is prepared to receive Ultra High Definition (UHD 4K) signals, so if RTVE needs to migrate to UHD 4K in the future, it will not need to change the receivers.

GREDOS GUR5002 supports decoding HEVC/H.264/MPEG-2 video signals with up to 4 stereo audio channels (MPEG1, AAC, Dolby).

9 countries

The interfaces available as input are both ASI and IP in addition to 4-port RF receiver. As for the output, GUR5002 counts with ASI/IP interfaces in addition to analogue video output, HD-SDI or HDMI, allowing to convert an HD signal into SD (Down-Conversion). Simultaneous output over IP is very useful since it enables the direct delivery of demodulated and decrypted signals to the IP platforms of the different cable operators that receive these signals from RTVE.

SAPEC has coordinated the delivery of each equipment to its destination country: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, United States and Uruguay.

With this project, Sapec has completed the delivery of +500 units for the reception of RTVE content in Spanish throughout the entire American continent.

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For • 27 Apr, 2021
• Section: Satellite