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Haivision has launched Haivision Hub, a video networking solution already used by EBU or Microsoft Studios that enables live productions to different verticals.

Haivision Hub is an “easy-to-use” video networking service that enables secure transport of live IP video contribution sources from encoders at event locations to production resources on-premise or in the cloud. The solution centralizes the management of live contribution workflows, simplifying connectivity. It has been designed for news, sports, corporate and cultural environments.

Haivision’s solution has already been adopted by several global broadcasters and organizations, including Eurovision Sport at the EBU, Microsoft Studios, Times Network, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, NOMOBO and HBS. Jeff Tyler, Digital Media Experience Manager at Microsoft, conveys his experience, “Haivision Hub allows us to simply and easily get many live streams from the sessions at our event venues to our production center without the hassle of programming each individual workflow manually. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and virtually eliminates errors.”

Haivision Hub features

Haivision Hub stands out for its “simplicity and agility,” as users can create worldwide routes “in a matter of seconds.” Fundamental to this purpose are Hublets, the building blocks of Hub cloud routes. With Hublets, users specify regions and settings, connect inputs to outputs, and Haivision Hub takes care of provisioning the cloud resources needed to start routing live video.

On the other hand, Haivision Hub can be paired with the Makito X and X4 video encoders, enabling integrated edge-to-edge or edge-to-cloud device paths. Once paired, Haivision Hub users can configure connected edge Hub devices to control settings such as video codec, bit rate, encoding profile, color accuracy, or to select video/audio inputs.

Similarly, Hub offers real-time transcoding (RTT), supporting conversion between HEVC and H.264, trans-rating and frame-rate conversion; and features a Hublets preset creator to configure and save the settings of paired Hub edge devices and transcoding Hublets.

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For • 9 Jun, 2021
• Section: Issue, IP