Ssimwave - Live Monitor - UI - Monitor CanonSsimwave‘s Live Monitor can now detect and measure viewer experiences on content distributed using the SRT protocol.

The announcement comes with confirmation that Ssimwave is joining the SRT Alliance, an open source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming.

Through this alliance, content providers and distributors using SRT will be able to use Live Monitor to gain “unprecedented” visibility into the state of distributed video and audio streams in the cloud. Ssimwave’s Live Monitor, among other features, can proactively detect and correct video freezes or macroblocking, among other problems.

Carlos Hernandez, chief revenue officer at Ssimwave, values the company’s move: “Ssimwave Live Monitor’s support for SRT will make it possible for the first time for providers using a leading cloud-based transport protocol to utilize measurement and metrics that are directly correlated to the human visual system.”

SRT Alliance

The SRT Alliance, founded by Haivision in April 2017, already has more than 500 members. SRT is an open source video transport protocol originally developed by Haivision, which enables the delivery of high-quality, secure, low-latency video over the public Internet.

Suso Carrillo, director of the SRT Alliance, welcomes Ssimwave coming on board: “SSIMWAVE is joining an industry movement to improve the way the world streams video- We’re pleased to see the SRT protocol being actively implemented by some of the world’s biggest broadcast and enterprise streaming workflows as its adoption and industry-wide recognition continues to grow, becoming the defacto standard for low latency internet streaming.”

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By • 20 Aug, 2021
• Section: media management, IP, Business