Estado Olimpico Tokio 2020

Signiant will provide its file transfer software to NBC Olympics for the Tokyo Olympics production.

With Signiant’s software, NBC Olympics will be able to move petabytes of footage from Tokyo to its International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut, immediately after capture. Signiant’s patented network optimization technology will enable them to transfer the footage over standard IP networks, “eliminating latency and packet loss.” In this way, editors located in Stamford will be able to start creating highlights “almost immediately” while the action unfolds thousands of miles away.

The software also allows content, including advanced graphics work and pre-recorded footage, to be transferred “quickly, easily and securely” to the broadcast center in Tokyo.

Remote workflows

Margaret Craig, CEO of Signiant, welcomes the role her company will play during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8): “Signiant is excited to partner with NBC Olympics for the production of the Tokyo Games this summer. Fan expectations for more immersive viewing experiences are growing and with NBC Olympics’ remote production operations, they will be sure to delight their audiences with amazing coverage. We’re proud that Signiant’s software will play such a central role in enabling NBC Olympics to seamlessly leverage their talent and technology located halfway around the world.”

Darryl Jefferson, vice president of post-production and digital workflow for NBC Sports & Olympics, sees Signiant’s tool as critical to the impending production: “NBC Olympics is pleased to work with Signiant’s Managers and Agents solution. File movement is central to all of our remote workflows both in Tokyo as well as in our broadcast center in Stamford. We are excited to see how it optimizes our transfers and provides greater resiliency across our domestic and international transfers. Signiant is enabling us to scale up to handle our Tokyo Olympics workload and our increased file sizes due to our HDR and 4K production efforts.”

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For • 9 Jun, 2021
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