Pebble - Tanya Rai - 2021Tanya Rai, a professional who has worked with firms such as BBC, IBC or Wildscreen, strengthens Pebble’s marketing and communications division.

As head of marketing and communications, Rai will work “closely” with Alison Pavitt, director of sales and marketing. Her goal will be to help develop a “consistent and engaging voice” for the brand across numerous channels and various types of content. Similarly, he will support sales and marketing in multiple activities.

In addition to a degree in “media and communication studies,” Tanya Rai also holds a diploma in professional marketing. Likewise, as her background shows, she has extensive experience in the areas of public relations, copywriting, event management, social media, and filming and editing experience.

Immersed in the broadcast industry

Rai has a place on the Wonder Women in TV mentoring program and, earlier this year, was nominated to apply for a place on The TV Collective’s Breakthrough Leadership Programme. In parallel, Rai has served on the RISE board as head of marketing and events.

Alison Pavitt anticipates Rai’s role in the future of Pebble: “We are in the middle of a far-reaching programme of launching a number of new products and enhancements, as well as expanding into new markets, and we look forward to her using her notable industry expertise and skills in enhancing our digital and online presence and promotional activities.”

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For • 24 Jun, 2021
• Section: Business