Pebble - Andrew HutchingsPebble has recruited engineer Andrew Hutchings (Sony, Grass Valley) to further strengthen its research and development arm.

Andrew has 35 years of experience in multiple sectors of the UK electronics industry, having held a number of senior positions prior to joining Pebble. He was director of engineering at Sony for a decade, working on the company’s major digital television developments. Most recently, Andrew was director of engineering for Grass Valley’s SDI Routing Networking department for the past 10 years, where he was responsible for low-volume, high-value hardware/firmware/software products.

Hutchings joins Pebble at a time when the company is launching new solutions to help broadcasters move from their traditional broadcast infrastructure to more flexible IP-based technologies. The company’s new engineering manager will work alongside technical development managers and various technical product managers to drive innovation in all areas.

Hutchings expects “being actively involved in driving the company’s projects from concept to full production.” On the other hand, Miroslav Jeras, Pebble’s CTO, stresses that he is delighted “that we have hired a highly skilled engineer in Andrew and have no doubt his breadth of experience in both the vendor and broadcast sector will prove to be invaluable in our R&D efforts.”

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For • 23 Aug, 2021
• Section: Business