Logic - Racks MPE ARD y ZDF - Grass Valley

The MPE mobile unit, used jointly by Germany’s ZDF and ARD, has been upgraded to full IP functionality by Logic.

The German integrator Logic was commissioned to install a total of five transportable and modifiable racks in flight case format to expand the IP capabilities of the MPE. The aim was to bring together the best products in each case, all under the umbrella of an IP-based infrastructure that would guarantee the cross-functionality of the different devices. To meet the premise, SMPTE 2110 and redundant SMPTE 2022-7, including NMOS (IS-04/IS-05), were chosen as the basis. PTP-compatible, they can handle 1500 video connections and up to 5000 audio connections in total.

Specifically, Logic has implemented Grass Valley IQUCP systems as gateways and Grass Valley MV821 multiviewers in the racks. Nevion Virtuoso devices serve as gateways and for advanced monitoring of incoming and outgoing lines. The audio matrix is also realized with two additional Nevion Virtuoso units, which enable 2048×2048 MADI connections. In addition, ten Mellanox SN3700c and two eMerge switches join forces to deliver performance of up to 12.8 TBit/s.

Suitable for hybrid environments

Thanks to this configuration, the MPE can handle approximately 800 SDI-to-IP and 800 IP-to-SDI signals. Interestingly, Nevion’s VideoIPath is used as an SDN orchestration layer, providing a control layer for the playout controller between the end devices and the network.

Other SMPTE 2110 compliant devices such as gateways, multiviewers and processing devices (e.g. 1080i and 1080p converters) have also been integrated into the project.

Scalable solution

One of the conditions of the project was to enable a malleable infrastructure so that equipment could be expanded on special occasions. This flexibility is being applied at Euro 2020, as the mobile units are providing the production infrastructure at the National Broadcast Center (NBC) in Mainz after receiving signals from the International Broadcast Center (IBC) near Amsterdam. Among other equipment, additional EVS servers have been integrated to serve all production requirements.

The ZDF and ARD MPEs are also expected to be used for the production of the 2021 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, a project on which they will work together with NDR from the NBC Mainz.

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By • 7 Jul, 2021
• Section: Issue, Media management, Integration, IP