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The Vizrt XR graphics solution has been used by ITV Sport in collaboration with AE Live to expand the capabilities of its Euro 2020 coverage.

AE Live has joined forces with ITV Sport to create a set of augmented reality graphics that can be integrated into both the British broadcaster’s real studio and virtual environments. The graphics, which include player profiles, group table, banners of various countries and tactical elements, are rendered with Vizrt’s Viz Engine and controlled with the Vizrt XR solution.

One of the main objectives has been to design a flexible and simple workflow, in order to customize the broadcasts when needed. Paul McNamara, Senior Director and Executive Producer at ITV, says: “The AR graphics added greatly to the studio, providing us with complete editorial flexibility at all times.”

Vizrt XR - ITV Sport - Estadio

Part of Flexible Access

The Vizrt XR augmented reality, virtual set and videowall tools used by ITV Sport are available through Flexible Access. This business model allows users to scale their production software instantly to meet different production needs throughout the season.

Mark Crawley, project manager at AE Live, believes the software suited their needs and allowed them to create compelling graphics for their audiences: “With Vizrt’s technology, ITV Sport has flexibility to use these graphics in any environment, providing unique visual storytelling capabilities for the championships.” On the other hand, Jonathan Roberts, senior vice president of global sports and virtual advertising at Vizrt, is pleased with the performance that ITV Sport and AE Live have brought out of their software: “Using our solution, ITV Sport’s production team is able to showcase unique graphics from hero and country banners to floor maps with an unparalleled ease of use – allowing ITV Sport to produce captivating stories for all viewers.”

Vizrt XR - ITV Sport - Clasificación

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By • 12 Jul, 2021
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Graphics, Television