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More than 1,200 ITV News and ITN users, plus other Channel 4 and Channel 5 profiles, will work with the Wolftech News platform on a daily basis.

Since last summer, UK broadcasters ITV, ITN, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have been taking a new approach to planning their news content using Wolftech News software. The system, according to Steve Teague, ITV’s director of technical services, allows the broadcaster to “plan, manage and resource” the entire ITV News team so that they can use the “best of breed products whether on the road or in the newsroom.” Jon Roberts, director of technology, production and innovation at ITN, described the Wolftech solution as “a well-integrated planning and resource management tool right at the heart of some of our most dynamic and demanding workflows.”

In the short to medium term, Wolftech notes, this project will create “significant efficiencies” in the news planning process and ensure a number of tight integrations with the ITV existing systems. Indeed, the company says ITV and ITN project teams will work with them to “deliver enhanced collaboration and story sharing, ultimately providing a greater overview and transparency of activity across the broader organisation.”

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By • 4 Nov, 2022
• Section: Study, Media management