Genelec GLM 4-1 - AutoCal2

Genelec SAM monitors and subwoofers will benefit from the new generation of the automatic calibration algorithm (AutoCal2) thanks to GLM version 4.1.

Since its launch in 2006, the GLM monitor management software integrates with the existing intelligent digital processing in each Genelec SAM monitor and subwoofer, allowing each component of the monitoring system to be individually linked, configured and calibrated to the user’s specific acoustic environment. Based on data from “thousands of real-world calibrations,” Genelec’s GLM 4.1 gives the user greater control over the negative influence of room acoustics, generating mixes that sound more consistent in other rooms and playback systems.

The GLM’s reference microphone allows the room’s impulse response to be accurately measured at different possible listening positions, after which each monitor and subwoofer is individually adjusted in level and time relative to the other components of the Genelec SAM monitoring system, as well as having its frequency response adjusted relative to the relative position in the room and the room acoustics. Once the self-calibration is done, the user has several customization options if required, including calibration of the listening level in dB SPL according to different standards used in the film, broadcast, streaming or video game industries.

Genelec GLM 4-1 - AutoCal2 - UIMore calibration options

Considering the wide variety of rooms used today for audio production, Genelec’s GLM 4.1 specifically enhances the calibration of spaces that are acoustically “livelier”. Likewise, it helps those professionals working at ultra nearfield distances (UNF) of up to half a meter, which is increasingly common as an option between room and headphone monitoring.

AutoCal 2, the big new feature of GLM version 4.1, takes advantage of the detailed information of each monitor in the system, achieving faster and more accurate discrimination between direct and reflected sound. The faster calibration speed is further supported by a completely new 64-bit architecture and newly enhanced code. Genelec’s GLM 4.1 also accommodates those audio engineers who are on the move and thus work from different locations thanks to the ability to store calibration settings locally or in the cloud.

Another new feature in the GLM 4.1 is the increased number of filters, offering greater flexibility and refinement in weighting when using the ability to measure in an unlimited number of positions. In addition, it features a new “Solo-X” mode for faster monitor solo control when working with immersive content. Finally, by adding display options in Portuguese, Italian and French, GLM users can now choose from a total of 10 different languages in this version.

GLM and The Ones series

Users of the 8331A, 8341A, 8351B and 8361A models in The Ones series of three-way coaxial monitors will appreciate the GLM 4.1’s new ability to extend phase linearity below 100 Hz. With coaxial monitors, phase linearity is a valuable feature as it improves off-axis performance and also stabilizes the UNF image. Genelec’s GLM 4.1 precisely aligns the arrival time of all the different types of monitors in the system, setting The Ones series for wide phase linearity.

Genelec CEO Siamäk Naghian welcomes the new GLM enhancements: “The AutoCal calibration algorithm has always been the backbone of GLM. So I can think of no better way of celebrating GLM’s 15th anniversary than with the launch of AutoCal 2 as part of the

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For • 16 Jul, 2021
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