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Genelec shares a new plug-in that integrates Aural ID, a headphone calibration tool, into the vast majority of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

Using a simple video shot sent by the user via the Aural ID Creator app, Genelec analyses the way the user’s head, outer ear and upper body affect and colour the audio coming from all directions. This effect is totally unique to each person and is called HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function). The Aural ID cloud-based calculation engine models from the video the characteristics of the user’s own head and upper torso to calculate their personal HRTF. This information allows audio to be accurately rendered in any direction with the Aural ID plug-in, which is available in VST, AAX and AU formats for easy integration into any DAW.

New in the plug-in version of Aural ID is the ability to compensate for the sonic colouration that any headphone adds. There are two ways to achieve this: the first and more precise way is by using an EQ individually adjusted for a list of specified headphone models within the plug-in. The second is based on a generalised response mode that supports any professional headphone model.

The Aural ID plug-in also allows Genelec SAM monitor users to import calibration files directly from the GLM control software. This helps the user replicate the response of their room monitoring system, creating a complete Genelec monitoring ecosystem with a “more natural and satisfying” connection between the customised room monitoring and the headphones. This connection is further enhanced by the plug-in’s ability to create and store a virtual model of the user’s room monitoring setup, including functions such as “solo” and “mute”. Users can also fine-tune the virtual monitor’s spatial location, level alignment, listener orientation in azimuth and elevation, and full system equalisation.

Genelec - Aural ID - Plug-In - DAW UIAvailable via the cloud

The Aural ID plug-in is available directly from the Genelec Cloud platform via a subscription service, which gives continuous access to updates, future Aural ID features and immediate access to help. Pricing options are available for individuals as well as corporate and educational group licenses.

Siamäk Naghian, CEO of Genelec, praises the new Aural ID plug-in: “While we firmly believe that in-room loudspeaker monitoring is unrivalled during the recording and mixing process, high quality headphones play an important role as a supplementary monitoring tool. Aural ID empowers headphone users by giving them the confidence to switch between monitors and headphones freely, delivering mixes that translate consistently to the outside world. We’re also proud that Aural ID technology achieves this in a totally sustainable way, requiring no hardware changes or using otherwise precious natural resources. We feel sure that audio professionals will warmly embrace the new features, usability and flexible purchasing models that the Aural ID plug-in now offers.”

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By • 26 Jan, 2022
• Section: Audio