Leader LV5350 - Mission TrolleyService provider Mission has invested in Leader‘s LV5350 test instruments to power its video-assist service.

Leader’s LV5350 waveform monitor incorporates numerous engineering-related features such as test pattern generation, closed caption monitoring, CIE chroma graph, high dynamic range measurement, focus assist, operator configurable screen layout, tally interface, 4K/UHD operation and 12G-SDI interfaces. This feature set is complemented by the Cinezone and Cinelite toolsets.

Furthermore, a focus detection algorithm enables the instruments to detect edges over a wide range of image contrast levels. In addition, all functions are accessible from the front control panel, which is complemented by a 7-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution TFT LCD monitor.

Supplied by Leader Europe’s distribution partner, Thameside, they will be used primarily at Mission’s North Kensington facility.

Flexible equipment

Leader’s LV5350s will be used by Mission in a wide variety of situations. In any case, Tom Mitchell, the UK company’s technical director, emphasizes their portability: “The portable LV5350 instruments are especially useful as they can be operated within our facilities or on location.” Mitchell also stresses that “the information DITs need is presented in a clean and logical style so that any defects in the source signal can be identified and corrected with maximum efficiency. Production teams particularly appreciate the multiscreen display which allows critical parameters to be compared side by side. Leader’s Cinezone and Cinelite tools are also very useful as they allow real-time monitoring.”

On the other hand, Kevin Salvidge, regional development manager at Leader Europe, says, “Monitoring the actual signal right from the initial shoot is the ideal way to work. Test and measurement products like the LV5350 allow productions to check a wide range of settings at the point of capture and onward through production and post right through to transmission, saving time and money.”

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For • 23 Aug, 2021
• Section: Accessories, Cine, Cinema / Technique