Gravity Media Fuji UA125

Service company Gravity Media used Fujinon UA125 4K optics in the production of Australia’s premier touring car championship, the V8 Supercars.

Gravity Media’s broadcast project manager – supercars, George Hennessy, explained: “The Fujinon UA125 is an amazing lens. At the Darwin race the camera position was approximately 570 metres from the start of the main straight, on a five-metre scaffold on the inside of the racetrack. The main shot for the UA125 was to pick up a car turning into the main straight and follow as directed. The secondary use was a later cut to see the rear of the car breaking into the first turn at the end of the main straight and follow through the corner. The distance at the apex of this corner was 520 metres. The lens also ISO recorded in case of any incidents for replay at a later time.”

As if the distances weren’t enough of a challenge, the UA125 also had to deal with Darwin’s tropical heat and humidity.

Hennessy continued: “The UA125 lens gave good throw to the top of the main straight and seemed like it could easily go further if needed. The main problem during the Darwin coverage was the ‘thickness’ of the air. With the humidity so high, plus the temperatures being around 30ºC, when shooting over this distance the disturbances were very clear in the picture – such is the quality of the lens.”

The Fujinon UA125×8 4K enhanced optical image stabilisation technology covering a focal length from wide-angle 8-1000mm, with an F1.7 aperture. In addition, it uses proprietary optical technologies to achieve vivid colour reproduction and high contrast, making it a suitable choice for live coverage of sporting events with long shooting distances.

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For • 30 Aug, 2021
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