Fujinon - Control S10

Fujinon has introduced the S10 digital drive unit, which will go on sale along with 17 Fujinon broadcast zoom lenses.

The S10 digital drive unit features an “optimized layout” for faster signal processing and response performance. Specifically, it can activate the zoom and focus mechanisms 30% faster than its predecessor.

Similarly, Fujinon stresses that it adapts to the needs of each production. While it features “precise and fast” zoom and focus to accurately capture a fast-moving subject during live sports broadcasts, it also enables “ultra-slow and smooth” movement during live music coverage to deliver “expressive video.”

16-bit and more features

With the S10, Fujinon lenses can output position information, providing not only zoom and focus positions, but also iris positions at 16 bits. This feature makes it possible for operators to identify lens positions “with high accuracy,” making “live video streams can be combined with virtual video with optimal settings.”

Other features of the S10 include “Breathing Compensation” technology, which automatically compensates for focus breathing and makes it unnecessary to adjust the angle of view after focusing; its compatibility with the ERD-40A-D01 digital zoom unit and EPD-41A-D01/D02 digital focus unit; its “exceptional stability” when shooting with a shoulder-mounted camera; and the ability to combine the ECU-2C extender switching unit and ERD-40A-D01 digital zoom unit to enable hand-held extender switching when using a crane for shooting.

Fujinon UA24×78BERD

Fujinon units to arrive with the S10

The HD and 4K lenses that will be released along with the S10 system are:

  • UA24×7.8BERD-S10
  • UA24×7.8BERD-S10B
  • UA13×4.5BERD-S10
  • UA18×5.5BERD-S10
  • UA14×4.5BERD-S10B
  • UA18×7.6BERD-S10B
  • UA23×7.6BERD-S10
  • ZA12×4.5BRD-S10
  • HA14×4.5BERD-S10B
  • ZA17×7.6BRD-S10
  • ZA22×7.6BRD-S10
  • HA18×7.6BERD-S10E
  • HA23×7.6BERD-S10
  • HA18×5.5BERD-S10
  • ZA17×7.6BERD-S10
  • ZA22×7.6BERD-S10
  • ZA12×4.5BERD-S10

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