AEQ - NCN Guyana

OM Solutions of Miami has integrated the intercom system AEQ Crossnet not NCN-Guyana, public broadcasting company of the South American country.

N.C, which broadcasts in English and 10 other languages ​​to a total audience of 750,000 people, recently undertook a complete renovation of its main production facility. An important part of the update involves digitizing and transforming television by adopting scalable IP production systems.

OM Solutions de Miami, a company led by Juan Carlos Ortolan, was the company selected as the awardee for the materialization of the project, mainly due to its simplicity in approach and the guarantee of homogeneous quality in all phases of the workflow. IP-based equipment AEQ They play a leading role in integration.

AEQ - NCN GuyanaAEQ Crossnet systems

NCN needed to modernize and digitize its television production center in Georgetown. While functional, its old production system required going fully digital to simplify workflows and production, so the concept of modernization was clearly emphasized in the instructions to bidders.

To address the issue of communications, OM Solutions opted for the intercom AEQ Crossnet, based on a 72-port array using Dante AoIP connectivity. The station's TOC and mobile unit have been equipped with user panels TP 8116, while for the news, production and main control the desktop user panels have been displayed TP 8416. A simple base station user panel is used BS3004 for communications with the broadcast tower through VoIP communication with low bit rate.

Likewise, for viewing operators, panels were installed TP8116 for communications and monitors Extra by AEQ Series LM8018. These monitors have SFP modules with fiber link for SMPTE 2022 IP video. Finally, for the NCN studios, very simple 4W interfaces were implemented, connected to AoIP wall plates Dante of Atterotech, so they are part of the AoIP network and allow, through Crossnet intercom, both communications and IFBs for floor managers and presenters.

AEQ - NCN GuyanaKeys to renewal

The renovation undertaken by NCN-Guayana includes the reconstruction of two studios (news and continuous production) and the digital habilitation of the broadcast center. The conversion from IP to analog was also critical, as due to the existing national signal distribution system, the transmitter is still analog. To maintain consistency in the production network, it was required to reinstall a mobile unit with IP technology.

Among the equipment involved in the renovation we find the NK Series router and the openGear solutions from Rossas well as products from AJA y Cobalt. He master control was built around Ross y Hardata, betting on cameras Ikegami HDK-73. On the other hand, the signals are handled through NewTek TC2 Elite Switcher, se utilizan interfaces NDI de BirdDog, the graphs are based on NewBlue, the subtitling is ENCO and, finally, the system has a recorder or “logger” of 3Way Solutions.

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By • 31 Aug, 2021
• Section: Audio, Study