Evertz - Bravo Studio UI

Evertz will exhibit at its virtual event Evertz Connected 2021: Fall Edition, from October 1 to 15, the latest news of Bravo Studio, its cloud-based production platform.

Bravo Studio is a collaborative platform that offers broadcast operators a cloud environment that aims to recreate a traditional control room. The solution is composed of a selection of Evertz products, such as the Magnum OS orchestration and control system, dedicated to signal routing and resource coordination. Other highlights include its multiviewer, VUE user interfaces and DreamCatcher live production tools.

Evertz will introduce at its Evertz Connected 2021: Fall Edition event two important new features widely demanded by users. For the first time, Bravo Studio will be able to leverage real-time data collected by sensor-based systems, including our partner ShotTracker’s on-court and on-field sensors, to automate camera workflows. Furthermore, Evertz has integrated its Ease Live graphics engine into the cloud platform, which will allow creators to integrate numerous interactive data-driven graphics.

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For • 24 Sep, 2021
• Section: Automation, Study