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Studer Audio consoles, a brand recently acquired by Evertz, will begin to be manufactured at the headquarters of Evertz in Canada, thus leaving the facilities located in Hungary.

The move, as confirmed by Evertz itself, is part of a “long-term plan” that aims to “develop next-generation products that meet the needs of future customers”in the broadcast, live entertainment/concert, sports, e-sports, stadiums, arenas and houses of worship markets.

Founded in Switzerland in 1948, Studer initially manufactured professional tape decks and analog consoles, but began manufacturing digital mixing consoles when it was acquired by Harman International Industries in 1994. A solid track record and the solvency of this equipment led Evertz to acquire the company a few months ago. Currently, the Canadian firm has already integrated Studer Audio products such as Studer Vista or Infinity Core with its Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions. In this way, Evertz offers a “complete solution” for orchestration, monitoring and analysis of audio and video.

Vince Silvestri, vice president of software systems, says that this will not be the only change that addresses Studer, as Evertz is committed to “the development of high quality audio products and solutions” as “current stewards of this legendary brand”.

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For • 2 Nov, 2021
• Section: Audio, Business