Soul Pepper - PlayBox Neo - Channel-in-a-Box

The new Soul & Pepper channel, available to A1 Bulgaria TV subscribers, begins broadcasting thanks to Playbox Neo’s Channel-in-a-Box system.

PlayBox Neo’s Channel-in-a-Box, which includes AirBox Neo-20, TitleBox Neo-20 and Capture Suite, forms the broadcast core of the newly launched Soul & Pepper TV channel. Produced and broadcast in 1080i, the channel is designed to encourage viewers to make the cooking process more enjoyable, improve their culinary knowledge and encourage healthier diets.

Incoming content for the new channel is ingested via PlayBox Neo’s Capture Suite module, which allows authorized personnel to perform all the tasks required for this process, locally or remotely, through a single graphical interface. Capture Suite is tightly integrated with the main AirBox Neo-20 server, which is used to coordinate the broadcast schedule prior to the actual transmission. All additions and any subsequent changes are automatically reflected on the backup server as a normal professional precaution against the main system failing. In parallel, channel branding is managed by the TitleBox Neo-20 module, which allows creating titles, subtitles, still images, animated gifs, movie clips, rolling text, news flashes, upcoming promotions, informational banners.

Lyubomir Levchev, senior director for ICT strategic projects, innovations and wholesale at A1 Bulgaria, is satisfied with the PlayBox Neo system: “The solution is very space efficient with the main and backup playout servers each occupying just 2U, which helps our business customers.”

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For • 27 Sep, 2021
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