Absen - AX Pro - Producción virtual - Brompton

The Absen expertise as an LED specialist, coupled with the Brompton Technology processing solutions, will be offered together to address the growing demand for virtual production studios.

Virtual production allows filmmakers to create virtual backdrops in real time rather than shooting on location or on set, ensuring both “significant savings” and providing “unlimited content creation options,” Absen notes. Adam Berditch, the Absen UK business development director, elaborates on the company’s vision for virtual production: “Over the last year, we’ve seen businesses use LED to transform live online events. State-of-the-art virtual studios are fast becoming the norm for industries across the globe, as LED can offer a whole new dimension to online presentations, professional events and award ceremonies.”

In the LED production arena, Absen recently unveiled a virtual LED film studio solution that “streamlines the filmmaking process.” Its technology is based on the AX Pro series of MiniLED products, which also includes professional tile screens for the stage floor so actors and creators can walk on their virtual set. On the other hand, Brompton Technology addresses the world of LED production with its Tessera processing products, compatible with HDR, with “ultra-low” latency and high frame rate.

Support will also be another pillar of this joint offering. Absen offers 24/7 customer service. As the brand itself points out, the Absen support network spans the globe, with 380 service and export partners reaching 120 countries and regions. In this way, they will be able to address from a local perspective any problems that may arise in these virtual productions.

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For • 29 Oct, 2021
• Section: Study