Mediaset Italia - Panasonic Kairos

The Panasonic Kairos live production platform arrives at Mediaset Italia’s Light Studio (Milan) facility to support its live IP workflows.

Mediaset Italia is currently integrating an IP transition plan for all its studios and facilities in Rome, Segrate and Colgno Monzese to the ST2110 standard. At the heart of this integration, which is being supported by Professional Show, are two Panasonic Kairos AT-KC1000 systems: one for daily use and the other as backup. The presence of the Japanese brand in the media group is also manifested with the upgrade of the automated news studio with five Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ cameras, a Tecnopoint Tuning dolly and column system and a Panasonic AW-RP150 remote camera controller.

Salvatore Palillo, director of broadcast & pro AV sales in Italy at Panasonic, highlights the main benefits that Kairos will provide to Mediaset Italia: “Among the strengths that Kairos offers is the possibility to transition to IP technology, without compromising on quality, while at the same time investing in a scalable platform that can handle future content production demands – all from a single supplier with a pedigree of innovative and quality broadcasting solutions.”

“During this revolutionary period for the content production sector, KAIROS is the ideal solution – even for those regional production and TV facilities that do not have large budgets but need an efficient, stable, reliable and easily expandable solution for future developments,” he adds, referring to the Kairos system’s compatibility with SDI infrastructures.

Versatile productions

The Panasonic Kairos live production platform supports playout on numerous devices and sources, “in any source, format, scale, display and mix, without loss of quality.” Beyond its switching duties, Kairos can also perform routing and display management functions. In addition, the system can offer multiple screen layouts built through its user interface.

Mauro Cassanmagnago, director of broadcast technology at Mediaset Italia, welcomes the move to Kairos: “The introduction of Kairos allows Mediaset to take full advantage of its IP production, providing flexibility and future-proofing the transition to a flexible, software-defined infrastructure that is required by broadcasters. Initial feedback on the system has been incredibly positive with our team and operators saying Kairos is powerful, fast and easy to use.” Cassanmagnago also highlighted the “easy” integration of Kairos with all of the Mediaset IP infrastructure and third-party applications, as well as the Panasonic speed of response to specific requests for system customization.

Kairos will receive Agile I/O in early 2022, a new free software feature from which agents such as Mediaset will be able to benefit. Agile I/O will provide AV professionals with additional input and output capacity to create larger and more complex productions. Among other key features, it will enable the 100Gb ST 2110 network and other Kairos Core inputs and outputs to be used more efficiently with better management of network bandwidth, providing users with additional sources for HD and 4K content, and access to more connected sources in multiviewing.

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By • 26 Nov, 2021
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