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Series, films from large operators, football and news will meet at Vix, the new streaming platform powered by TelevisaUnivision.

Vix, the great initiative of TelevisaUnivision in the VOD field, it will offer more than 50,000 hours of content in Spanish in a wide variety of genres, as well as access to an extensive library of content and franchises from the Televisa video library. The two-tier service will include Vix, a free product with advertising (AVOD) That will release on March 31 with 100 channels in an electronic program guide and a rich video on demand (VOD) experience; and an option under the subscription model (SVOD), Vix+, with premium content that will include “Six+ Originals” y exclusive soccer, which is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2022. Vix is ​​currently available in beta.

The new service will be launched in United States, Mexico and most Latin American countries, and will be available on the main platforms and on the vix.com portal. The company's current streaming options, PrendeTV, Blim TV and the previous version of Vix (AVOD), purchased in 2021, will be incorporated into the new Vix platform in the coming months, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience for users.

Keys to the Vix AVOD model

Con Vix, the AVOD level of the service, users will be able to watch a wide variety of long-form entertainment, as well as live sports and news, for free, in the "first service" of television quality and with advertising for the Spanish-speaking world. Vix will curate a lot of content, 40,000 hours, con more than 100 channels specially created with television quality content and live programming, allowing consumers to easily discover and rediscover their favorites on the familiar Electronic Program Guide (EPG) interface.

Vix will offer the classic novels and megahits of Televisa; alliances with some of the best producers in the world, from Colombia to Türkiye; fiction and nonfiction series; blockbuster Hollywood, independent and Latin American films; and, all, in Spanish and with "fewer ads than traditional television." Vix will also have unparalleled news programming from multiple sources around the world, with prominent international channels, exclusively for the Americas, including Univision News 24/7 and the new streaming channel of Televisa Newscasts. Finally, Vix will also offer a wide variety of soccer, with some of the biggest tournaments and leagues in the world, and more games for Spanish-speaking audiences than all other streaming destinations without paying, as well as TUDN area, a new 24/7 sports news channel with debate shows, analysis, commentary and exclusive interviews.

The Vix payment plan

with the level SVOD of the service, Vix+, consumers will have access to more than 50 Vix+ Original series and movies which will represent, on average, at least one weekly premiere.

Vix+ will include exclusive productions developed by some of the best creators and storytellers in Spanish. In fact, Ventanarosa Productions of Salma Hayek Pinault has signed a preferential access agreement (first-look deal) of two years to produce exclusive films in Spanish. The company had previously announced exclusive preferential access agreements with 3Pas Studios, the company of Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odell, and María Dueñas, as well as a new original documentary series produced by Selena Gómez, and agreements with Mario Vargas Llosa, Santiago Limón and Ben Silverman of Propagate.

Created with leading international production companies, the original content that will represent Mexico, the United States, Colombia and Spain will include a new version of the horror series the hour marked; joint productions with Dynamo and Mediacrest; and an agreement for various productions with The Mediapro Studio. In addition, Vix+ boasts a robust source of productions from the company's studios, including new biographical series on the lives of Mexican idols and new creations in Latino audiences' favorite genre, the novela, with exciting contemporary-style productions, directed to current streaming audiences.

The Mexican producer and distributor Videocine it will also premiere many original productions exclusively on Vix+ in Mexico during the first year of the service. Some of these will also be available in the United States. Other productions from different film partners will be available to subscribers.

soccer exclusively

Finally, Vix+ will house more than 3000 live matches a year, which is equivalent to more than 6000 hours of live soccer in the United States and Mexico together. In addition, it will offer "a superior level of coverage" of the "best championships and leagues in the world."

Together, Vix and Vix+ will offer the most comprehensive coverage of the World Cup in Mexico and will give users access to 40 live matches, including 10 exclusively on Vix+, as well as extensive coverage of the tournament, from Mexico to Qatar, on Zona TUDN, the new 24/7 sports channel.

Vix+ exclusive programming

  • original series: my neighbor the poster, Nautilus, the hour marked, The pelotaris, The other sea, The Artists, Bad Girl Antics, fucking mummies, and two biographical series on Pedro Infante and María Félix Pedro.
  • original novels: forbidden path, the devil woman y beyond you
  • Original movies: I want your life, Jenni, presences, sick love, The legends – the origin y Mirreyes against Godínez 2, the retirement.
  • Sports documentary series: the blood and the glory, Brazil 2002, the true story, y to the cry of war.

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By • 21 Feb, 2022
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