Mo-Sys - StarTracker - Assimilate - Live FX

Mo-Sys Engineering’s StarTracker camera tracking solution becomes fully compatible with the Assimilate Live FX software, allowing content to be created in virtual production environments “faster”.

By combining Live FX software, which enables real-time compositing for virtual productions based on green screens and LED walls on set, with Mo-Sys StarTracker, the result is a comprehensive software solution for all types of virtual production workflows. Among other functions, the solution allows users to efficiently and accurately composite 2D and 3D elements into the live camera feed, to control (and colour) LED walls, control stage lighting based on image content, use Live FX as a simple keyer in green screen scenarios, and link to Unreal Engine if needed.

According to Mo-Sys itself, the two companies have a similar approach, allowing filmmakers and artists to work “in a way that is familiar to them” rather than adapting to a programme environment within Unreal Engine (or other game engines).

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys, is delighted to offer customers “access to a complete solution to accurately deliver high quality tracking data and compositing assets directly to VFX/post workflows.” Meanwhile, Jeff Edson, CEO of Assimilate, believes the combination of Assimilate and StarTracker “creates an unbeatable, highly accurate live-compositing system with a streamlined connection to post”.

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By • 1 Mar, 2022
• Section: 360 / VR, Automation, Study