Laura and Alberto Caballero (Photo: Nani Gutiérrez)

Laura and Alberto Caballero, founders of Contubernio Films and authors of hits like the one that is coming O The villageThey have closed an agreement with Netflix to produce his new comedy alpha males.

The comedy will explore the difficulties of breaking out of established roles and adapting to new times. In the midst of a masculinity crisis, four forty-something friends are losing their throne, privileges and identity. Years ago they would have been alpha males in control of their relationships, their work, and their lives. But they have had to live in the era of equality, a society with new rules that hits them exposing their pathos.

In relation to this first collaboration of the Caballero brothers with Netflix, Laura and Alberto are happy to “start this journey with Netflix that allows us to open up to the world and return to the half-hour format, which we consider ideal for comedy. We hope to successfully return all the love and respect that we are receiving with Alpha Males“.

After the success of There is no one living here, Laura and Alberto Caballero created Contubernio Films in 2012 to add the production of their formats to the tasks of creation. The production company is responsible for 6 seasons of the one that is coming and 3 seasons of The village, confirming itself as a benchmark in comedy production in this country.

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By • 7 Mar, 2022
• Section: Business, Television